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Team Romney: "It's Time to Vet the President"

amfmem Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 12:17 PM
"The traitor who had been hiding his money in foreign countries". If you know about it how then is he hiding it? Most importantly the most important word in that statement is HIS money. What has Obama done with MY money? Sent it to Finland, China and who knows where else! And I agree with algae that Obama didn't pull the trigger... a Navy Seal did, and then the POTUS placed him and his team mates at risk for political gain. Keep talking kbush!

Between yesterday's fantastic speech and this BuzzFeed report, is the Romney campaign finally immersing itself in the 2012 bare-knuckles brawl?  Pow:

In speeches from Des Moines to Dallas, Romney has always been careful to hedge his tough digs at Obama with a civil nod toward the president's moral character: "He's a nice guy," the Republican has often said. "He just has no idea how the private economy works." But Tuesday's speech included no such hedge — and one campaign adviser said there's a reason for that. "[Romney] has said Obama's a nice fellow, he's...