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Lackluster Obama: Change Is Hard, Give Me More Time

amfmem Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 11:15 AM
The key to your last statement is that half of the party can't see and the other half, do and agree with this presidents "fundmentally transforming" the United States of Amerika. The evidence of that was the vote the other day that supposedly put back in their platform that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel and their support of God. It took at least three attempts to get that through and it was clear that at least half of those that were on the floor voted no. The DemcRAT party is not the party of our fathers and mothers in the 50's and 60's. The DemocRAT party is now made up of at least half that wish the federal government was more of a dictatorship or oligarcy rather than a representative republic.

It's finally over.  Obama hasn't gotten any bump yet, but I've expected that to change. Now I'm not so sure for reasons discussed below.  Either way, Team Romney is ready to "carpet bomb" battleground states with ads starting Friday.  The last two hours of tonight's proceedings were the Biden and Obama show, so let's dig in:

Vice President Biden - Like Bill Clinton, Biden went too long.  He veered back and forth from near-whispering to stentorian shouting. After offering a loving tribute to his family and accepting the Vice Presidential nomination, Biden praised his running mate and...