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Chill Pill: Jennifer Granholm Has a Howard Dean Moment at DNC

amfmem Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 12:04 PM
Ford received a government backed loan, they didn't receive a bailout. Additionally, the federal government didn't allowed GM and Chrysler to avoid the normal bankrupcy process. This violated one of the most important first principles of our Constitution and our Founding Fathers. We are a nation of laws, not men, and the Federal Government is supposed to be there to protect all citizens from others who would infringe upon their rights. In this case the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT at the direction of our President, was the agent of the violation of our laws. THAT IS WHAT WAS WRONG ABOUT THE BAILOUTS!

Jennifer Granholm was Michigan governor from 2003-2011. During that time, the state experienced major economic decline, an unemployment level higher than the national average, and population loss. She was replaced by Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican elected in 2010. Michigan has since begun to see its greatest level of economic development in a decade. No one misses her.

Of course, failed economic policies weren't any kind of dealbreaker for a speaking slot at the DNC; in fact, one might say they were a requirement. And all's the better that her delivery is in the style of Howard...