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Republicans should insist on a "comprehensive" fix -- and not accept anything less. A comprehensive fix would be to repeal and start over with free-market solutions. Sell across state lines, tort reform, heath savings accounts, etc.
From where I stand, SCHOOL VOUCHERS are liberty's last line of defense against the tyranny of teacher's unions.
Statistically, a Government worker is likely to die at his/her desk than lose a job. Of course people still want a government job. Outside of the military, they hire 5 times the number needed to get a job done, they hold no one accountable for accomplishing anything, and if you get caught cheating, stealing, committing illegal acts on the job, you are likely get a 3 month paid vacation (called a suspension) and then retire with a pension equal to about 80% of your salary for the rest of your life. A great gig, for anyone who wants to sell his soul.
Teams choose mascots and names because the mascot is admired for some attractive traits, such as bravery. prowess, fighting spirit, etc., and never to denigrate anyone. No sports team ever called themselves something they considered to be a slur. Native Americans realize this, which is why 90% of the Native Americans are okay with the name "Redskins". The Washington Redskins took their name to honor the the Native Americans, not to denigrate them.
No one who has more than three-fifths of a brain would make such a stupid statement. Matthews obviously has never studied the Constitutional Convention debates. 1. Anti-Slavery people wanted the slaves to be counted as ZERO for purposes of representation and 100% for purposes of taxation. 2. Slave-owners wanted the slaves to be counted as 100% for purposes of representation but ZERO for purposes of taxation. The compromise was three-fifths for both representation and taxation. And the Native Americans were counted as ZERO people. Does Chris Matthews think the Indians' votes should still be counted as ZERO?
If Harry could save even one sick child? "Why would I want to do that?" he asks in a revealing, but rare moment of truth. Harry Reid is shameless. He should resign as Majority Leader and as Senator. Anyone willing to sacrifice sick children to play political games is not worthy of any public office.
We have completely lost our common sense. How can playing with a harmless toy in your own yard be against any school's rules? This is so absurd, at first I actually thought it was a joke. .
The House of Representative just passed and sent to the Senate, an increase in the debt ceiling which authorizes the most expensive budget in the history of mankind ... but one without Obamacare. And Harry Reid accuses them of being "anarchists"?
Question for the Gun-Control advocates: Why do mass murderers ALWAYS attack unarmed people in gun-free zones?
Newt's first knee-jerk reaction to any problem is a government program to solve it. Remember his plan to create a "draft-board" type agency to handle illegal immigrants? I'm not convinced he is a conservative. And Karl Rove? He shouldn't be on the list.
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