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Awesome questions, Ms. Malkin, and we'd all love the answers and to see Mr. Obama squirm over them, but how can they be debated? Trust me, I'm not on Mr. Obama's "side" in any way, shape or form, but I just don't see how anyone could answer those questions in a debate format.
EXCELLENT article and suggestions! Hope Mr. Romney and his people are reading!!!
Personally, since the UN is recognizing and applauding tyrants and people who so flagrantly mistreat their own people and call for the destruction of those who disagree with them, I say kick the UN out of the US, pull our membership (which means no dues) and let them go somewhere else. And do it immediately (which, in government, means years). I don't even want people like that on US soil.
Terrific article, Mr. Giles! I think there are a whole lot of us who may not have used the same words, but have the same thoughts and wishes. Let us pray...
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I Like Gary Johnson

AmericanPatriot52 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 4:31 PM
I have heard of the Electoral College and have made myself read up on and learn more about it, mostly because of this election. It's a scary proposition. It's not like the primary or even the conventions where each state gets up and says so many votes for this person and so many for that person. The point remains that Gary Johnson will not, in all probability, gain enough votes in any state to win a sizeable enough number of Electoral Votes. Plus, a number of states are "Winner take all" on their Electoral Votes, so whoever gets the majority of votes, gets all the Electoral Votes for that state. Which is why a vote for Gary Johnson actually hands Obama Electoral votes, provided Obama is the highest vote "getter" in that state.
Those libs say they are against war and defending this country, but they seem to love the feel of the blood of their citizens on their hands.
And as long as you feel that way and choose to be stubborn about it, you're putting a vote in BHO's box, which leads to the doom of this country as we've known it. Palin, Bachmann, Newt, West, Cain have all put their support behind Mr. Romney. I don't believe Ron Paul has, but Rand Paul did. If we want to turn the tide and stand a chance, Mr. Romney is it.
Pretty much exactly what I was going to write, but you beat me to it -- grin! I understand the frustration of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson supporters. But there was a primary and neither one garnered enough votes to actually stay in the race, although they and their supporters tried very hard to succeed. NOW, it's time for Mr. Paul and Mr. Johnson AND THEIR SUPPORTERS to throw their support 100% behind Mr. Romney since they don't stand a snowballs chance of winning. A stubborn or write-in vote for anyone but Romney is both a wasted conservative vote AND a vote for BHO. I'm all for standing your ground, but this country will not survive another term with BHO as president. The same goes for House and Senate candidates.
You got that right, Micky G.
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An Economic 'Plan'?

AmericanPatriot52 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 2:34 PM
Excellent, as always! FDR's policies lengthened the Depression -- kind of an understatement. We didn't fully pull out of it until WWII.
Everyone I know who is losing their homes are white.
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