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I think all you Townhall posters have it exactly correct. We should shut down our evil government (which, of course, is obsessed in taking all your precious liberties away), lock the borders and arm all of our citizens to the teeth!! This 'democracy stuff' is just too messy.
Yes, now I know you ARE out of your mind. And, of course, you are correct. That bastion of TRUTH and freedom - Fox "news" - never, ever, never, ever distorts the news. What a joke
The TRUE haters of our country are people like you who lie about about leaders and our country. Please stop with your ignorant name calling and fear-mongering.
anderson659, you have so much hate it is not use arguing with you. You need to pick up a book sometime and turn off Fox "news." Not that it matters, but the President is a Christian. You can blather and hate all you want, but you are WRONG. I am sorry this fact doesn't fit in with all your prejudices but that is the truth.
Are you out of your mind? Seriously? Do you really harbor this much hate against the media and people who aren't exactly like you? What is your problem? Why must you insist on all this fear mongering? I guess you don't like our country so much, do you?
Hey, Townhallers, what do you think of our evil "government" now? You know the ones that deprive you of all your rights and oppress you and try to take your precious guns away and all that.... Isn't that the same government that employed all the brave police, DEA, ATF, FBI, US Attorneys that arrested this creep and protected the citizens of Boston? And they are probably members of 'communist' unions too!!! That darned government of ours.
Jerry, have you ever read a history book? Do you even know what 'communist' means? Why do you have so much hatred for our country?
I don't understand why Townhall and its posters aren't upset about the performance of the brave police and other law enforcement officers. After all, they are of a bunch of union thugs who work for the hated government with salaries and resources made possible by oppressive taxes and evil socialism.
Actually, it seems to me that some of the fear-mongering and hate speech that occurs on these boards is more anti-American than anything I have seen from any "troll" or "liberal" or 'socialist" or "communist" if you even know what those terms mean.
That is such a stupid comment; it deserves no response. Do you have any other uniformed opinions and biases you would like to share?
As predicted, another story for all the irrational hatred on Townhall to come out, i.e. the President, Islam, the Government, people who are 'different,' etc. So sad,
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