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1st off, I never run away....except when, as usual, everyone here resorts to same, tiresome, empty name calling..."libturds," "socialists", "communists," etc. etc. 2nd. How can I 'debate' when you start with the premise "Obama started the Civil War?" What planet do you live on? What sources are your 'information' for a sentence like that? And, someone just posted, 'Fast n' Furious East"? Do you guys read anything other than right wing propaganda?
So, in your mind, 'job creation' has no relationship to 'unemployment' or the 'economy?'
Good point. Exactly. Notice how there is no response?
Did you just call me a 'communist?' Do you know what it means? How unpatriotic and ANTI-AMERICAN of you to call one something like that with absolutely no evidence or truth to it.
Were you as upset with the Republicans when they UNNECESSARILY invaded a country that did no harm to us and caused the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands - as compared to 4 - innocent civilians, to say nothing of a trillion dollars? How did your stomach feel about that?
Oh, please give it a rest, Benson. Kerry's right: there are more important things than just lambasting President Obama 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for propaganda purposes which, of course, is what Benson is paid to do. Of course, it is outrageous that we lost 4 Americans, but, as Kerry, said it is not the most important thing. Just like Fast n' Furious and Solyndra and the multitude of other less-than-important issues that Townhall hypes and hypes and hypes and hypes. Give the propaganda machine a rest and focus on something infinitely more important like Pakistan, Syria, Israel-Palestine, campaign finance reform, climate change, job creation, banking reform...etc. But, of course, Benson doesn't have anything to say about them.
Just down government by 1/2....which 1/2? 1/2 of the brave GOVERNMENT agents that caught the Boston bomber? 1/2 of defense? 1/2 of highways? 1/2 of medical research? 1/2 of the government that protects your water, food, and air? 1/2 of the government that teaches your children? 1/2 of the government that puts the fire out in your home?.....
That's funny because as of several months ago, I resolved never to listen to you either, primarily because, as these posts indicate, you never say anything of substance....only your usual name calling and NEVER any 'clarity' seeking....just the opposite in fact.
So it will provide more fodder to drive you loonies even more looney......
I think all you Townhall posters have it exactly correct. We should shut down our evil government (which, of course, is obsessed in taking all your precious liberties away), lock the borders and arm all of our citizens to the teeth!! This 'democracy stuff' is just too messy.
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