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Wow....hate much? See what I mean? Russia or China? Get a grip.
It's not hard to understand; that is the way it should be. But, the extremists on this board irrationality hate the President so much that they need to blame everything on him and, of course, "liberals" It's kind of sad because here is a non-controversial issue that should be bringing all Americans together and the looney fringe continue to hate and fear monger. Politics and propaganda are everything to Townhall.
What a brilliant "column!" The point being??? I know. MORE GUNS! Yippee. That's the answer to everything on the right. Either/OR/Both: Our government is evil and, of course, MORE GUNS!
Seems like you just described the modus operandi for 99% of right wing posters on Townhall. Nice job.
Surely, you are joking. Please, please tell you are joking. Where IN THE WORLD do you people get your facts and information?
Petrus, your definition of 'cut n' run' is when you pose a loaded question with fallacious information (which, of course, you think is true) and then expect me to answer with your premises...it doesn't work that way. Plus, in a later comment, you appeared to invite me to debate on cllimate change that indicates you probably have 'facts' that says 'climate change' is NOT occurring...which is again is baseless right wing, corporate paid-for anti-science propaganda and I refuse to do that with you. As to your 'liberties,' reference, I did answer them. What I said was they were not 'liberties' in the constitutional sense but, instead, were 'taxes' that you didn't want to pay. A big difference and, as with climate change, we will differ.
Actually "clarityseeker"2, YOU have no clue and obviously do not understand economics. Just because you hate our government so much does not mean you have the right to misrepresent what it does. The economy does not 'create wealth' by 'increasing taxes.' It creates wealth by investments in education, defense, research, energy, roads, etc. etc. You really do need to stop being so opinionated on issues you do not understand. We understand you hate our government;' we get that. Just stop blathering.
You are so wrong. Have you never heard of the Departments of Defense, Energy, Transportation, the National Institutes of Health, DARPA, on and on....They create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Have you ever visited Washington DC and its suburbs and all the contractors and subcontractors - NOTHING BUT Government-created jobs. Nothing wrong with that at all
Koch Bros. and "fair and balanced?" What Kool-Aid are you drinking? Who do you think pays Benson's salary? Do you think Townhall is 1) Journalism, and 2) Fair and Balanced?
1st off, I never run away....except when, as usual, everyone here resorts to same, tiresome, empty name calling..."libturds," "socialists", "communists," etc. etc. 2nd. How can I 'debate' when you start with the premise "Obama started the Civil War?" What planet do you live on? What sources are your 'information' for a sentence like that? And, someone just posted, 'Fast n' Furious East"? Do you guys read anything other than right wing propaganda?
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