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Obama's Got Lots of "Skin in the Game"

AmericanLiberal Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 9:51 AM
..values. So rather than do the hard work of soul searching, you would just as soon use whatever power you have to run the country into the ground. Which is contemptible, when you think about it. Our country was founded on a respect for science and objective moral truth. But rather than find out whether the will of the majority is true, you Reeps would rather just play games, in the hopes that you can fool people into believing the Dems are to blame. It may have worked in 2010, but it will not work again. Be a grownup for a change and let economic science guide our policy response to this business downturn. Stop stamping your feet and burbling out your little moral platitudes that add only heat, not light.

Guy's intriguing post below offers an interesting option for the GOP in the fiscal cliff talks: Embrace Simpson-Bowles.

But I think another element aside from a "constructive alternative" is missing from the Hill Republicans' psyches (and thus playbooks).

That is the realization that, whether or not Obama blames the GOP in the short term for taking us over the cliff, in the end, he's the President.  He's the one who's supposed to be representing all of us -- yes, even the evil rich and those who didn't vote for him.  If he doesn't negotiate seriously about the cliff and we...