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Krauthammer: Obama’s Budget is “Tax-and-Spend as Usual”

AmericanLiberal Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 10:43 AM
Of course I do. You guys take a data point or two and tie it to a narrative. I work from a model that has explanatory power, which uses all the data points--and not simply a few selected ones that accommodates my conceits. That is why I correctly predicted that interest rates would remain low and that is why I correctly predicted that quantitative easing would not result in inflation and that is why I correctly predicted government austerity, at least at this moment in economic time, makes the problem worse. You guys have been wrong on all those things, and more besides, and the reason is that you are not rational, you are emotional. Your reasoning is based on emotion and conceit, not math and science. I see a business cycle. You..
D G Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 2:58 PM
AM Lib .... You are still not posting data or logic ........... and you are still being creative (Making up stories). ..... You are getting nowhere tying to make a point whatever it might be.
AmericanLiberal Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 10:43 AM
..see Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi. Big big difference.

Kevin and Guy brought you the broad details of the president’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget earlier this week. However, a closer examination of the proposal reinforces the obvious: it is decidedly “unimpressive.” Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer elaborates:

Now the bad news. The cards laid down by the White House are quite unimpressive. The 2014 budget is tax-and-spend as usual. The actual deficit reduction over a...