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H8***Your problem is that pompous arrogance that prevents you from differentiating what you want to be true from what is real.....I feel sorry for you...*** And YOUR problem is that you are so enslaved to your resentment and feelings of inferiority that you cannot even think straight in the face of arrogance. What do YOU care if I am arrogant? I never care if someone feels superior to me. What's it to me? But you clowns are so jittery, so rickety, that when someone is arrogant, all bets are off. The discussion is over and the rest of us have to nursemaid your wounded feelings. It is stupid nonsense and one way "conservatism" is just stinking things up. Take a show, chump. You stink.
Okay, kids, this grownup has real world stuff to do. It is getting thick, as the power of my objective reasoning is causing you half-pints to spit and sputter and, maybe, find solace in one another. Dig you later, when I have some time. Thank god for that eighth grade typing class that enables to take on multiple punks at the same time. Between that and an orderly mind, you nitwits have to cry into each other's shoulders. There is an alternative, of course: rethink your assumptions, like grownups are supposed to do when their convictions fail the rational test.
what a moron. Look, youngster, if you cannot keep up, then shut up.
:Marxist fraud" certainly helps you cope with the reality that liberal rationality kicks your backside everytime "it" appears on these threads.
What a stupid loser.
"It"? Clever. Non-Kantian, of course. We liberal rationalists understand that all people are ends in themselves, not a means to an end, but "it" nicely sums up your character and the way you think.
Yeah? Well it turns out that a lot of things you are "pretty sure" about are just plain false and stupid.
Oh. you're a reverse Marxist. Ayn Rand and the poor exploiting the rich. No wonder you think in Marxian terms. You like that stupid retard. I did too--when i was fifteen.
Absolutely not. And the ideology that has truncated economic growth and broad prosperity over the past decades is yours.
Is my name Obama? Is it Biden? They live within the constraints of politics. They have to sell policies. Most economists--true economists, not the shills--said all along recovery was much more precarious than Democratic politicians were letting on, that we needed a bigger stimulus, and after the Reeps re-assumed the House, that "stagsterity" was a given. If Romney had been elected, yikes, you losers would be selling apples, or your sister, on the street corner by this summer.
Son, you cannot defeat my arguments, so you impeach me. At least I have the power to slam your thoughts as well. That's the difference between you and me. You cannot touch my ideas, because you're too stupid, so you go after me. I go after you AND your stupid ideas.
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