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here's a message from planet earth: the stroking you get on talk radio is not "reality." You got nothing, pal. Just the angry sputtering of a clown who needs to rethink her assumptions and is too lazy to do it.
Got tons of them, loser. What's more, they come from a place of principle. But you do not have any clue about that, do ya chump? Buh bye.
My brain, her brain, doesn't matter. My ideas, her ideas, matters. You guys are great at impeachment. Not so great at making objective points. Got it retard?
Do you think I care what half-pints think of me and my character? Beat my ideas back if you can, but sticks-and-stones may break bones, but insults do not hurt. Especially when they are from empty-headed morons who muck up everything they touch.
oh boo hoo. AL thinks he is better than me. boo hoo hoo.
Ya got nuthin, chump. Can't beat my arguments, so you have to make it about me. That's funny.
Good God, are you still bothering to reply to me, even as you feign indifferent superiority? Choose a path, son. Either you are indifferent or you care. Can't be both.
Nope. I mean forty years ago.
***You know JC, I have wondered the same thing myself. He runs these economic equations at us, which is impossible to support or refute in the short space we have to post, and thinks that if he dazzles us with a formula, that suffices as an answer. It doesn't take an economist to know that government stimulus programs fail every time they're tried.*** Here, too, you think everyone is petty like you. What do I care about dazzling you? What I care about is stupid platitudes like "it doesn't take an economist to know that government stimulus programs fail every time they're tried." This is zombie nonsense that you picked up somewhere, and in the absence of the decency to actually know something about these things, you try to flimflam..
H8***Your problem is that pompous arrogance that prevents you from differentiating what you want to be true from what is real.....I feel sorry for you...*** And YOUR problem is that you are so enslaved to your resentment and feelings of inferiority that you cannot even think straight in the face of arrogance. What do YOU care if I am arrogant? I never care if someone feels superior to me. What's it to me? But you clowns are so jittery, so rickety, that when someone is arrogant, all bets are off. The discussion is over and the rest of us have to nursemaid your wounded feelings. It is stupid nonsense and one way "conservatism" is just stinking things up. Take a show, chump. You stink.
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