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The DACA finally shows some of our elected officials actually have the guts to do their jobs! It could result in the deportation of hundreds of thousands of DREAMers, young people who were brought to this country, ILLEGALLY, as children. Well It's about damned time! I have had my fill of illegals being treated with kid gloves while the rest of us are being forced to support them.
'President Barack Obama condemned the Republican action and said he'd act unilaterally, as best he could." "I'm going to have to act alone,..."' THESE are the words of a dictator. "Obama said he would reallocate resources where he could." THESE are the words of a thief.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ...such extraordinary power was absolutely “necessary to protect us from the evil in this world.” This should be restated to say -absolutely necessary to protect us (government) from the people of this country. They know their time is short & they w/spy on us to prevent their own demise. This is who you voted for, folks. Thanks to the 52% who gave away our rights.
Gov't ONLY reacts on emotion. They do not act on viable solutions. This started way back when someone got 'offended" because of a spoken word and some politician jumped, blindly, on the bandwagon of not offending anyone. Now a person can't do or say anything for FEAR someone will be offended, including identifying unstable persons. If the truth hurts, tough.
Violent video games are part of our society's problem. They should be scrutinized by parents (Parents DO have this obligation) & Hollywood (or wherever they come from) should change their evil ways or stop making them for public use. They may make good training exercises for military training, but not a still-developing teenager. Big Pharmaceutical companies are the WORST drug pushers in this country. They have loaded the FDA with former Execs so they can sign off on drugs not properly tested. Note all the recalls about 18 months after a drug hits the public. The Medical profession is under the impression that a doctor visit must include a prescription as a pacifier. You can't blame inanimate things, it's humans who are at fault.
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