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Wondeful article. I agree wholeheartedly.
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Missing the Point About Aurora

Americanfreedom70 Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 12:27 PM
Here is another point no one seems to be understanding. We as a society have diluted, and in many cases foresaken our faith in a Supreme Being (mine is God Almighty, and his son Jesus Christ), whatever your faith chooses to call him is fine. My point is that with few exceptions a faith based upbringing is esential to the instillation of real values and morals. Otherwise "Don't Kill" is no different than "Don't Steal". Feelings of remorse and love for your fellow human being cannot be tought, or mandated through fear of repercussions. They are instilled through belief, and knowlege that you are loved and cared about. If we let our children grow up with a feeling of emptyness, lack of porpose, and distainment they will give.
Christian Law (as dictated in the original versions of the Bible) state "an eye for an eye". If this is not acceptable, NEITHER IS SHARIA law! Lets try him justly and EXECUTE him publicaly (hanging in the town square would be best) and QUICKLY. We have wittnesses, so there should be no doubt, or apeal!
As I have told ALL of my representatives: It is time to throw these control freaks out of our country, revoke ALL diplomatic imunity statuses, and bulldoze the building! Then we can put something useful in its place. Even giving the building to the homeless would be more useful than what they do!
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