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The No-Tax-Hike Pledge Is an IQ Test for Republicans

AmericanEagle Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 2:00 PM
The House controls the federal budget, but we need someone like a Newt Gingrich to use the power of the House to be a counterweight to the ideological bully in the While House and the vicious and corrupt thug who runs the Senate. Those with incomes of less than $30K elected Obama with their 7 million margin to give him his overall 3 1/2 million margin of victory. Unfortunately these are the very people - blacks, Latinos, college kids, single women, who voted for free stuff - who are going to pay a heavy price before we can turn this ship around. Right now it's like the Titanic heading for the iceberg.
MoreFreedom Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 7:19 AM
I agree. But unfortunately our R representatives in the House have shown themselves to be lying RINOs whom we need to remove from office and replace with fiscal conservatives. Consider 2 pieces of evidence. 1) The Bush budgets when Republicans controlled all 3 branches of Congress. 2) Recent votes on reducing funding for the Import/Export Bank, the EDA, and the Dept. of Energy "green investment" program that's given us Solyndra and other failures, where less than 30% of the 2010 Tea Party class of RINOs voted to reduce the funding for this corporate welfare.

I believe Newt became unpopular because he actually cut spending, and too many RINOs didn't like it. So now we have big spending Bohner unfortunately.
Stuart95 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 3:00 PM
Note that Romney received several million fewer votes than did McCain. That means that there are no longer enough people in the R party that will trouble themselves to vote, even when facing the biggest, yet most vulnerable, incumbent threat in the history of the country.

Of the liberal lock-step voters - blacks, Hispanics, dead people, illegal immigrants, unmarried women, felons, young people, rich hippies, morons - the young people may be the easiest to recruit as neoR's. They can be shown, or already sense, that Washington power seekers - both D and R - are hanging them out to dry. And judging by college kids' reactions to Ron Paul rallies, it seems they are ready for something besides the more-of-the-same liberals and conservatives.

Eugene Robinson is one of the group-think columnists at the Washington Post. Like E.J. Dionne, he is an utterly predictable proponent of big government. So it won’t surprise you to know that he wants taxes to go up and he’s a big fan of Obama’s class-warfare agenda.

He’s also a very partisan Democrat and wants the GOP to lose. Again, that’s not exactly a stunning revelation.

So when someone like Eugene Robinson starts offering advice to the Republican Party about tax policy, a logical person instantly should be suspicious that he’s actually trying to advance his own ideological and...

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