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Virgina: Energy Capital of East Coast?

American_in_Europe Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 4:14 AM
I think the resistance to my ideas here is so great because most visitors to this site assume that all problems can be solved if you have the correct ideology (conservative) and beliefs (Christian). It is difficult for them to see that ideology is basically irrelevant here, since, although it can offer ideas of how to approach the problem, it cannot make the problem go away. The problem has its origin in the natural laws of physics and not in the belief set of citizens, legislatures, or presidents. Human ingenuity cannot undo the second law of thermodynamics, it can only ease its effects. Over time acquiring vital resources (oil, copper, rare earths) will become more and more difficult and expensive, and that will eventually stop growth.

With a flood of new federal regulations hitting everything from healthcare, energy, food safety, and bird protection, it is encouraging to know that some states can still think for themselves. In Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell declared that he was going to make Virginia the Energy Capital of the East Coast—after all Virginia is blessed with abundant resources such as coal, offshore oil and one of the largest uranium deposits in the world. His plans have been thwarted by the federal government. 

The EPA is regulating coal mining out of existence. Federal restrictions have prevented Virginia from being able to access its oil...