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As America's share in the world economy declines and the inequality within the American society increases as a result of stagnating growth, opposition groups to the status-quo will increase in number and strength. In this situation the power centers in government and business will, in order to protect their interests, turn to their ultimate weapon: information stored on the activities and opinions of the population. AT this point, the "right to privacy" will become much more important than the "right to bear arms" - since only it guarantees the ability to organize in large numbers.
I sugest you read a book on the first 300 years of the Christian era.
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The Snowden Effect

American_in_Europe Wrote: Jun 15, 2013 8:04 AM
If you are running Firefox download the Cullusion addin to see how many sites are tracking the page you are on. For Townhall.com it is over 10 on my machine. The problem is much bigger than the government.
Could you explain what an "inferior religious system" is? The groups involved here all have semi-monotheistic religions with anthropomorphic gods, each believing they have the "one true faith". There are some minor differences in the communication channels (doves, burning bushes etc) and messages to mankind (differing degrees of tolerance of others and subservience to the god). Could you give an example?
Sorry, I hadn't noticed that the radial Islamists were attacking us because they wanted a socialistic system. I thought it was because of our involvement in the middle east and our support of Israel.
Eliminate the reasons why America is hated, and you won't need these invasive systems.
You can't have it both ways because the purpose of the system is to determine who are the "suspected terrorists". Either "all men are created equal" or they are not.
A very complicated, expensive and obnoxious operation indeed. Order of magnitudes cheaper and more effective would be withdrawing from countries where one does not belong and stopping the support of evil governments around the world.
America has gone soft. The Founding Fathers would have never suspended the Right to Privacy or Bill of Rights (at home or in Guantanamo) for a causality rate under a thousandth of a percent per year. I suspect they would have seen this as the price of liberty.
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Hawking's Moral Calculus

American_in_Europe Wrote: May 10, 2013 11:43 AM
Of course we should fight crimes against humanity everywhere we find it. There are other organizations concentrating on other countries, so let BDS deal with the country of their choice where they think they can be effective.
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