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Damn Republicans! How dare they suggest that the Dems stop acting like drunken sailors with an unlimited Gold Mastercard, spending the Taxpayers' money on pure BS. How dare they ask the Socialist Democrats to act responsibly!?! When the Dems fraudulently voted in a Dem prez it was like the "Trailerhood Gone Wild", drunk with Socialist power & money to burn. Obama, Moochie & the Dems think they hit the lottery!
What does President Bush have to do with the past 5 1/2 years of nothing but failed Democrat policies, lies & scandals? NOTHING!
It should have said, "President Bush warned Barney Frank & the Dems 34 times"
President Bush dirank & the Dems 34 times between 2001 - 2008 about lowering the qualifications for home loans. The Dems lowered it to the point an unemployed crack addict could buy a house. THAT is what caused the Foreclosures, sending the Housing Market into a tailspin, which collapsed our economy. Dems are totally irresponsible & pass it on to their Dem voters.
I agree. He thinks he's going to get 27 virgins (guys?), but all he is going to get is fire & brimstone. WORST PREZ EVER!
Every time Congress says "NO" to the Spend-o-haulic, O & his band of DemonRats jump on the Lame Stream Media & lie to the American public by blaming Congress because O is an inept moron! Look at the Hurricane Sandy bill. Dems took 2 months loading that bill up with pork, grease & bullsh*t, then slapped it down in front of the Republicans and said, "Sign it". When the Repubs said, "Hold on a minute. We got screwed on Obamacare & we are going to read this bill". The next day O & his henchmen were on the Liberal alphabet soup stations blaming Republicans for holding up the Hurricane Sandy bill. LIES, LIES & MORE LIES! In all my years I have never seen a worse, more corrupt bunch of lying AHs than those in the Democrat Socialist Party for the past 6 years. "Disgusting" doesn't even touch it!
What happened to the Arizona "RECALL PETITION" to remove Juan McCain from office after he co-authored the massive anti-American Immigration Reform bill, along with 3 other Republican traitors and members of the Democrat Socialist Party? He should already have been evicted from his Senate post. Why would anyone think it's a good idea to admit 10s of Millions of law-breaking, Illegal invaders, criminals, gang members and squatters into our citizenship, especially in our economic troubled times? Send them home & let their own countrie's government support them, educate them & employ them. Instead of turning America into a 3rd World country, they need to go home & clean up their own countries. HEY McCAIN! Do American Taxpayers look like Santa Clause????
I do like the fact that law enforcement is using FB to catch criminals. I've seen them use it lots of times on real TV crime shows. I think the younger generation uses it the most & they are more likely to be the criminals.
Zuckerberg probably found out how many people were dumping Facebook. If I go to a site that requires FB to comment, I just leave that site, usually never to return. Why should people be required to put so much personal information on the web (Facebook) just to make comments?
Wendy - In your ongoing effort to divert attention from the REAL job numbers, I am surprised that you didn't call the author of this piece a racist. Isn't that the 3 ploys of the Democrat Socialist Party? 1. Distract & divert attention from the real issues 2. Cover up for the Democrat, no matter what he has done or if he is guilty of anything 3. MOST IMPORTANT: If the article has anything to do with Obama, immediately resort to calling anyone with Conservative views, or anyone that speaks the truth, a Racist, regardless of the topic.
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