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What happened to the Arizona "RECALL PETITION" to remove Juan McCain from office after he co-authored the massive anti-American Immigration Reform bill, along with 3 other Republican traitors and members of the Democrat Socialist Party? He should already have been evicted from his Senate post. Why would anyone think it's a good idea to admit 10s of Millions of law-breaking, Illegal invaders, criminals, gang members and squatters into our citizenship, especially in our economic troubled times? Send them home & let their own countrie's government support them, educate them & employ them. Instead of turning America into a 3rd World country, they need to go home & clean up their own countries. HEY McCAIN! Do American Taxpayers look like Santa Clause????
I do like the fact that law enforcement is using FB to catch criminals. I've seen them use it lots of times on real TV crime shows. I think the younger generation uses it the most & they are more likely to be the criminals.
Zuckerberg probably found out how many people were dumping Facebook. If I go to a site that requires FB to comment, I just leave that site, usually never to return. Why should people be required to put so much personal information on the web (Facebook) just to make comments?
Wendy - In your ongoing effort to divert attention from the REAL job numbers, I am surprised that you didn't call the author of this piece a racist. Isn't that the 3 ploys of the Democrat Socialist Party? 1. Distract & divert attention from the real issues 2. Cover up for the Democrat, no matter what he has done or if he is guilty of anything 3. MOST IMPORTANT: If the article has anything to do with Obama, immediately resort to calling anyone with Conservative views, or anyone that speaks the truth, a Racist, regardless of the topic.
Wendy- Just like a Democrat. Can't add to the conversation & stay on the topic of "Jobs" because they want to cause a distraction from the failure in the WH. How very Democrat of you. Same old, same old.
D G - Now that was a good one! I'm still laughing!
Maury- That would be a good start to turning our economy around! It would be the best thing to happen to America in 5 years!
Well, looks like drayburn had his morning cup of Liberal propaganda. He's either young (teens) or one of Obama's Welfare recipients, too ignorant to understand the difference between Capitalism & Socialism. GET A JOB DRAYBURN!! So you can help pay for your Socialist Prince's failed economic policies!
Derek, You are a Marketing Genius!
GOOD POST. How about suggesting that to the Washington cesspool.
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