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Agree, RiffRaff! Where are those new Republicans we hired in November to impeach obama before he totally turns America into a 3rd World country?
APZZYK- Do you know what would save Texas even more money? Deport every illegal alien per our immigration laws! Not to mention Americans' safety from all the Illegal Alien CRIMINALS.
Yes, our President was in the military and he would surely have jumped in to save an American! ... oh um um... Oh wait! I had drifted off and was dreaming about the day when we get a REAL LEADER. It's like a reoccurring nightmare. You wake up & obama is still prez. Sorry if I got anyone excited.
Dan107 - Doesn't surprise me. I quit buying NYT years ago when I realized they were just a mouthpiece for the Looney Left. No different from the alphabet soup channels we no longer watch for the same reason. They forget that 1/2 this country is comprised of Conservatives and no matter how much brain-washing & propaganda they spew we will NOT become Socialists or Communists!
BTW, George W's spending in 2008 was to counter act the collapse thanks to Barney Frank & his Democrat Socialist buddies. President Bush had warned Barney & Friends 34 times between 2001 - 2007, and wanted to appoint a special committee to investigate Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae. Barney & Friends said it was doing very well & refused to take any action on a special committee. Thanks, Barney, you nitwit!
PROSPERITY? WHAT PROSPERITY? My 2 gown children are both working a full time job + a part-time job to keep up with rising taxes, inflation & other rising costs! Obama's ilk probably counts them as 4 employed people. You know, to keep that Unemployment figure low. My business has declined about 75% in the past 4 years. I came up with a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, though. I'm going to become a politician. When they leave office they are all gazillionaires! I can hire my 2 grown kids as aides and they can live in the lap of luxury, too, jet-setting all over the world on the pretense of "seeking opportunities" for our state or country. Anybody else out there feeling the "pain" of prosperity? Just think, if everyone became a politician we could suck the lobbyists dry, along with our state & U.S. Treasuries. Obama & Moochie figured it out a long time ago.
Only a fool would vote for any member of the Democrat Socialist Party in 2016.... only a fool.
Zak8 - Your 1, 2 Bush statement makes you appear to be a Liberal troll.
No wonder your vote doesn't count, you're voting Libertarian. In other words, you are voting Democrat, and don't EVEN try to justify your actions.
In 2016 we need a Conservative House, Senate & WH to clean up the damn mess left behind in the wake of the Socialist DemonRat Tax & Squander party.... and it's time for their Tax & Squander PARTY to be over. Who voted for those self-serving Socialists anyway?
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