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Zak8 - Your 1, 2 Bush statement makes you appear to be a Liberal troll.
No wonder your vote doesn't count, you're voting Libertarian. In other words, you are voting Democrat, and don't EVEN try to justify your actions.
In 2016 we need a Conservative House, Senate & WH to clean up the damn mess left behind in the wake of the Socialist DemonRat Tax & Squander party.... and it's time for their Tax & Squander PARTY to be over. Who voted for those self-serving Socialists anyway?
Darby - anybody looks good after Obama, including the pooper scooper at our local park.
Don't get me wrong, I like Jeb, but I would NEVER, EVER vote for any candidate who supports Immigration Reform aka Amnesty. Who would he choose for a running mate, Rubio? FORGET IT! We don't need or want 10s of Millions of Illegal Invaders to support, which is costing hundreds of $Billions right now! FORGET IT! We don't need or want hundreds of thousands or Millions of foreign CRIMINALS for the Liberals "Catch & Release" programs, putting them bck onto our streets & in our neighborhoods. We need a candidate who is ANTI-AMNESTY & PRO-AMERICAN. Where is that guy?!? I'll vote for that guy!
Dan107- Good point!
STOP BLAMING OBJECTS! BLAME THE KILLERS! Nip it in the bud before we end up carving the turkey with plastic ware!
Using this rationale, some fat chick could sue Hersheys because her husband bought a candy bar, laid it on the kitchen counter, she found it & ate it.
Yep, and the Oct Unemployment figures came out with 300,000+ new UNEMPLOYMENT applications submitted. October is ususally notoriously low because of Christmas hiring. Why isn't that spashed all over the front pages of the Liberal Communist News media? Not to mention Black Friday sales down 11%. Maybe the Dems don't think we notice.
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