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11/10/14 - Breaking News! The Department of Health and Human Services gave its first projections for enrollment in the health care exchanges next year - just 9 million to 9.9 million. That's far short of the projection of 13 million newly insured under estimates from the Congressional Budget Office estimates, an independent agency. http://www.politico.com
NRM - Socialism is a failed concept. Explain why you think the government (Taxpayers' money) should support people capable of working.
If ObamaCare is so wonderful, why is my daughter & her family having to pay $600 MORE per month for it than her previous plan? Why does she have a much larger deductible? Why is her premium going up 14%? Oh, that's right. According to Nancy Pukelosi, "Pass it, then read it". Typical Democrat mode of legislation. There are probably ObamaCare "fixes" in some of the 380 House bills sitting on Hairy Reid's desk that have never been submitted to the Senate for review.
Dr. Hansen, was one of the "original" GW gurus. Washington DC, Jan 27th 2009: NASA warming scientist James Hansen, one of former Vice-President Al Gore’s closest allies in the promotion of man-made global warming fears, is being publicly rebuked by his former supervisor at NASA. Retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist, Dr. John S. Theon, the former supervisor of James Hansen, NASA’s vocal man-made global warming fear soothsayer, has now publicly declared himself a skeptic and declared that Hansen “embarrassed NASA” with his alarming climate claims and said Hansen was “was never muzzled.” Theon joins the rapidly growing ranks of international scientists abandoning the promotion of man-made global warming fears. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/01/27/james-hansens-former-nasa-supervisor-declares-himself-a-skeptic-says-hansen-embarrassed-nasa-was-never-muzzled/
My favorite is "Buying back your Carbon Footprint". I just THOUGHT Gore & friends were Marketing geniuses until I found out about the "Carbon Footprint" promotion! WOW! Proof they can sell icecubes to Eskimos!
Pete - Hold on a minute.... a couple of years ago the Liberal non-scientists were trying to convince us it was caused by cow farts. So which is it, tundra or cow farts?
Bernard..... roflmao....
Which Liberal blog is posting this "disinformation", Pete? I would like to save it into my "JOKES" folder so whenever I want a good laugh I can find it quickly. Or was that SARCASM?
friskie- "Holder will disappear soon". Are Obama's Chicago thugs going to Breitbart (poison) him, Fuddy (plane crash) him, or Bland & Young (shoot execution style) him, or too? We know what happens to people who become liabilities to Obama...
It was sarcasm.
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