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Dan107 - Doesn't surprise me. I quit buying NYT years ago when I realized they were just a mouthpiece for the Looney Left. No different from the alphabet soup channels we no longer watch for the same reason. They forget that 1/2 this country is comprised of Conservatives and no matter how much brain-washing & propaganda they spew we will NOT become Socialists or Communists!
BTW, George W's spending in 2008 was to counter act the collapse thanks to Barney Frank & his Democrat Socialist buddies. President Bush had warned Barney & Friends 34 times between 2001 - 2007, and wanted to appoint a special committee to investigate Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae. Barney & Friends said it was doing very well & refused to take any action on a special committee. Thanks, Barney, you nitwit!
PROSPERITY? WHAT PROSPERITY? My 2 gown children are both working a full time job + a part-time job to keep up with rising taxes, inflation & other rising costs! Obama's ilk probably counts them as 4 employed people. You know, to keep that Unemployment figure low. My business has declined about 75% in the past 4 years. I came up with a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, though. I'm going to become a politician. When they leave office they are all gazillionaires! I can hire my 2 grown kids as aides and they can live in the lap of luxury, too, jet-setting all over the world on the pretense of "seeking opportunities" for our state or country. Anybody else out there feeling the "pain" of prosperity? Just think, if everyone became a politician we could suck the lobbyists dry, along with our state & U.S. Treasuries. Obama & Moochie figured it out a long time ago.
Only a fool would vote for any member of the Democrat Socialist Party in 2016.... only a fool.
Zak8 - Your 1, 2 Bush statement makes you appear to be a Liberal troll.
No wonder your vote doesn't count, you're voting Libertarian. In other words, you are voting Democrat, and don't EVEN try to justify your actions.
In 2016 we need a Conservative House, Senate & WH to clean up the damn mess left behind in the wake of the Socialist DemonRat Tax & Squander party.... and it's time for their Tax & Squander PARTY to be over. Who voted for those self-serving Socialists anyway?
Darby - anybody looks good after Obama, including the pooper scooper at our local park.
Don't get me wrong, I like Jeb, but I would NEVER, EVER vote for any candidate who supports Immigration Reform aka Amnesty. Who would he choose for a running mate, Rubio? FORGET IT! We don't need or want 10s of Millions of Illegal Invaders to support, which is costing hundreds of $Billions right now! FORGET IT! We don't need or want hundreds of thousands or Millions of foreign CRIMINALS for the Liberals "Catch & Release" programs, putting them bck onto our streets & in our neighborhoods. We need a candidate who is ANTI-AMNESTY & PRO-AMERICAN. Where is that guy?!? I'll vote for that guy!
Dan107- Good point!
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