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University Bows to National Outrage, Won’t Punish Student Who Refused to Stomp Jesus

America is Over Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 1:34 PM
"I understand what the teacher is trying to portray here. " Nope, you don't understand. The teacher is trying to make people step on piece of paper with the name Jesus on it. Period. The rest is camouflage. " I am sure the point could have been made without singling out a particular group." Nope. The point is to single out a particular group: Christians. If you are going to be an adult, you are going to have to look at what liberals do and not listen to what they liberals say.

Florida Atlantic University has issued a formal apology to a student that was facing academic charges after he complained about a professor who ordered the class to write the name “Jesus” and then stomp on the pieces of paper.

Ryan Rotela, a student at FAU, was accused of violating the student code of conduct after he reported his instructor to university administrators. He was removed from the class, ordered not to contact fellow students, and was facing possible suspension or expulsion – pending the outcome of a student hearing.

But after a massive national outcry, the university reversed course Monday afternoon...