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Faking It in Art and Politics

America is Over Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 3:34 PM
The whole "Rite of Spring" story is typical self-serving liberal propaganda: we're-smart,they're-stupid-nyah-nyah. They leave out the part that the ballet was intentionally designed to look ugly to contemporary eyes. And if that was not enough, it included a HUMAN SACRIFICE. There was actually a time when audiences did not consider it sophisticated to watch a fellow human being get sacrificed on stage. In short, the artists purposely spat on their audience but back then the audience did not appreciate being spat upon. And anyone who wants to watch a piaono player sit (and not play) at a piano, deserves Eminem passing gas into a mike in concert. Hope you get a good seat, O Enlightened One.
Here's a resolution for one and all as we slide down the fiscal cliff (or not): Beware of fakery in popular places. Fakery, particularly in the culture both high and low, bubbles up from the media, affecting the way we see everything -- even, for example, politics.

Roger Scruton, the public philosopher and conservative commentator, writes in Aeon magazine, a provocative digital magazine of ideas and culture, how fake ideas, fake criticism and fake emotions have come to dominate public conversation and marginalize thoughtful appreciation of beauty, truth and honest debate. His initial concern is about the collusion of...