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Liberals just dropped the speed limit down to 25 in NYC. Liberals hate men and they want them to drive slow.
A friend of mine lived for years in a small apartment building. The owner sold the building and my friend found himself living in an undocumented hotel with Euros on some floors, prostitutes above him, etc.
Lots of "education". No integrity.
There have always been stupid people. But I don't remember people who thought it was alright to lie because people are stupid. Nowadays we have no brains and no morals.
Stupid people used to be embarrassed about being stupid. Now they have no brains but still have lots of self-esteem.
"an excuse to Stalinize worldwide energy resources..." Actually it's an excuse to make the First World live like the Third World. The Son of Stanley already told us we can't heat our houses the way we would like.
The Dems are destroying the white, Christian majority is more accurate.
"If they have more money than they need and no set of moral guidelines, what do they seek next? Power." Liberals run on envy. Tearing down the successful is far more important to the majority of liberals than gaining personal power. Outvoting white, Christian American men is the goal. Period.
I do get a kick out of watching how Hispanics in California treat blacks in California.
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