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A friend of mine gets tons of grief from family and black friends for having "too many" white friends. I'd love to read about her experience in Salon.
Maybe she should stop dwelling on her own nonsense and focus on making the world a better place. It worked for me.
The worse part is all the educated, successful people and politicians who think that if the economy is going well, it doesn't matter if America is not America anymore. They are due for a very rude awakening.
"I wouldn't mind subsidizing..." The only thing I don't like about that is government backed loans raise the price of tuition. So paying someone's tuition (which I have done) also subsidizes inflated prices.
Whenever they say "white privilege", I think "White Man's Burden".
I really, really want it. Like, really.
I want two weeks in Capri. In season. Bay view.
"How dare you claim those victims of incest are inferior." Exactly. Just because people are inferior doesn't mean they are inferior. superior people treat inferior people as equals, albeit in an inferior sort of way. That's how they know they are superior.
LOL: Alinsky 101.
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