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Liberals run on envy. They are not nice people.
or the "make the alpha male do something he doesn't want to do" act.
Liberals are evil and they never stop. If they could hunt you down and kill you, they would.
I love Ann. She's my fave.
I think the Mencken quote is from a private diary that was not released until years after his death. When it came out, I remember reading a Jewish contemporary of Mencken's commenting that that was how ethnic groups spoke about other ethnic groups back in those days and it was no big deal.
When black boys were molesting black girls in city pools, then-Mayor Dinkins put on a button that read "Don't dis your sis". Guiliani put a cop at every city pool. My kind of mayor. And I agree that most New Yorkers are too dumb to appreciate the safest large city in America that Guiliani gave them. The murder rate under Dinkins was up to 2000 a year. By the end of "Ghouliani's" last term it was down, and has gone even lower, to 500 or 600. Since most NYC murder victims are minorities killed by minorities, liberals may not care but I thought that was awesome.
Typical mean-spirited liberal.
"Actually, Kurt, it’s Christianity they hate, not religion..." Exactly. Thanks.
"I used to have a friend (when I was living in another state) who was a pagan who worshiped the Norse pantheon." LOL. Literally.
Liberals are evil and they don't care about Truth.
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