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REACTION: From the Debate Floor in Hempstead

amackley Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 8:53 AM
Foreign policy will be the topic of the last debate. I'm certain that Romney will clearly lay out the timeline of the Libya debacle. They only had a few moments on Libya, but Romney will clearly layout the unraveling Middle East in the final debate. Romney brought up Fast and Furious as well. In the last debate, I'm certain he will pound Obama. Rift between US and Israel. Ties with Chavez. UN Speech(es). Foreign Policy is Obama's worst (if that's even possible) record.

HEMPSTEAD, NY - The polls are showing a near even split for who won tonight's presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Below is reaction from campaign surrogates on the spin room floor in New York.

"He did great. I think Mitt Romney did a great job of pointing out that candidate Obama promised Root Beer in every drinking fountain and never delivered on those promises and I think that Governor Romney also painted a picture for the future, get the jobs and the economy and our fiscal house in order. The country is ready for a turn...