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Heeding Critics, Romney Sharpens Pitch for Long Run

amackley Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 12:44 PM
See? That's just the problem. Romney HAS clearly laid out his plan. Have you been to his website and studied his Jobs and Economic Growth Plan. It's 97 pages. But, there's even a summary for those who don't like to read. It starts on page one with 5 Bills for Day 1; 5 Executive Orders on Day 1. It covers Tax: Fair, Flatter, Simpler; Regulation: Cutting the Red Tape; Trade: Open Markets that Work for Us Markets; Energy: Pro Jobs, Pro Market, Pro American; Labor: Free Enterprise, Free Choice, Free Speech; Human Capital: A 21st Century Workforce; Spending: Smaller, Simpler, Smarter Government. The problem is that most voters won't read the details, so they complain that he has no details. So, he cut it down to 5 for the simple-minded.
Pat1392 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 6:22 PM
How do we get the 30 -40 year olds to listen or read ??? I am at my wits end with some of them.
The Romney campaign likes to project an image of great confidence. It sees itself as an organization that doesn't panic when things go wrong and doesn't jump when critics, especially nervous Republicans, urge Romney to change direction.

But that doesn't mean Team Romney ignores advice, and we are now seeing Romney tweak his campaign pitch in response to the concerns of several of those nervous Republicans.

The complaint in recent weeks, as Romney has remained in a tight race with Barack Obama and lingers slightly behind the president in some key states, is that Romney hasn't presented voters with a concise,...