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@nodeamass. Yes it does. Have you ever tried to run a company, even a small one? When you have cash flow (investment) and if you use it wisely, you can hire. Look at all of the jobs created by Romney (Bain Capital) investments. How many jobs are still available to the Obama selected companies? zero? On this issue, you are simply a leftist idealogically blinded fool. ANY reasonable individual who actually has the ability to look at the equation will recognize the difference. That is why people will call you stupid. Because you don't have the ability or are idealogically unwilling to look at real data and make an intelligent response. Therefore, nodeamass, you are stupid.
A couple more comments. About a week ago, before the first debate, Intrade had Obama at 78%, Romney around 22%. I said then that if I were a betting man, which I'm not, I would have bought Romney shares then. In the past week, we're just about back to the 50-60% threshhold for Obama. It will shift to under 50% in the next 10 days and stay there. Romney will win with at least 53% of popular vote, but it will be an electoral landslide.
I've been saying Romney landslide for about two months. None of it has come from polling. I look at things like comments for and against candidates on influential sites (such as Townhall), but also The Daily Beast, Yahoo (generally liberal), even Youtube videos, and many others. I watch what people are saying, the passion, etc. I also watch Amazon Red/Blue book results. Far, far more books are being sold against Obama. Those that tend to be liberal are mostly general liberal concepts. Those that tend to conservative are very, very against Obama. and the number of these sales are around 10 to 1 against Obama. People, left and right, are tired of Obama. It is only the media and skewed polls that are propping up Obama as long as he has.
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Romney to CNN: Big Bird Will Be Fine

amackley Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 11:33 AM
@Dot2Dasher. This was a United States Embassy, property of the government for the sole purpose of providing Americans legal refuge. The State and the Military have a responsibility to protect it's sovereign borders (the Embassy walls). The Ambassador is appointed by the President and is under the direction of the President, not quite in the same extent as military, but fairly close. Your comment is absolutely absurd and extremely partisan, foolish, and maybe just stupid.
It is probably true. However, Obama group knows that it won't matter. Let's assume it is true that Obama has taken illegal donations. The campaign will spend the money, and because of the extra funds, maybe he will win. If he wins, do you think we would award the win to Romney? Ha, not likely. Do you think we would remove Obama from office? Again. No way. It would take four years of investigation before anything happened. By then Obama's changes would in place. Obama knows this. There is no risk to him…except if the people are smart enough and moral enough to see through not just this but every other tactic that Obama uses to circumvent Constitutional law.
I used to think Intrade was a better indicator, precisely for the same reason. However, I watched Intrade closely during all of the primary season. What happened was very wide swings that lagged behind the news by about 6 to 12 hours. Generally, within about a 12 hour period before the election, Intrade got pretty close to the actual outcome. Before that, it was sometimes right, sometimes wrong. So, I will start watching Intrade sometime around November 4th. I will watch it closely on November 6th, throughout the day. It will end up pretty accurate. If I were a betting man, and I'm not, I would be betting pretty heavy on Romney right now. The odds of a big win are much greater than a great loss.
Everyone. Obama is not a Liberal or Progressive. He is a deConstructionist. That is why he doesn't care about either party. We can't be so blind to not see that. His goals are not Progressive; his goals are to reduce the American influence. Every step of the way, Obama's policies have been aimed at reducing American strength and independence. Oil? (We don't drill but others can.) Mid-East (We don't lead, except to reduce those who support us.) Environment (reduce America's ability to move freely.) If we continue another term, American Exceptionalism will be so reduced that it will take two generations to recover. But that recovery will only come once those who still have the independent heart heart have removed themselves.
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Three Good Polls for Romney

amackley Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 6:36 PM
No, but it is in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration is the principle. The Constitution is the enactment or implementation of the principle. Without the Declaration, the Constitution is just codified law. But fortunately, they stand side by side, the Principle and the Implementation. Those who don't understand union of principle and implementation still don't understand the miracle of the United States.
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Romney's Convention Bounce

amackley Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 11:32 AM
Viewer numbers will be skewed, probably. People like myself watched on TV in 2008. This year, I streamed via internet to my iPhone. Although streaming video was available in 2008, technology and speed have significantly increased. So, I don't know if it translates to more or fewer viewers, but the two years cannot be compared directly.
Actually, ignoring the fact that Romney has delivered far more detail than any other candidate (for those willing to quite mocking and study his website. He has the details.) However, Romney also has an incredible record of accomplishment of fiscal responsibility to look to for guidance. How many companies did he turn around or start? (80% success rate). What did he accomplish in almost no time at the SLC Olympics…and left a surplus? How many balanced budgets did he accomplish in MA, starting from 3 billion deficit and 2 billion rainy day fund? And how may budgets did Obama submit or get passed? Sheesh! If we as a nation are so stupid to pass up having this type of turnaround expert, we deserve to suffer the consequences.
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Video: The American Dream is Vanishing

amackley Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 7:19 PM
The American Dream of success is still alive, although government is making it harder. We can return America to the land of the free, if we remain the home of the brave. We must be brave to speak up. Speaking up must be individual as well as collective. Individually we can vote…in every election. We can attend town hall meetings, city, county, and school board meetings. We can write editorial letters. Collectively, we can group together through such organizations like Freedomworks, you local church, and just as community members to resolve issues. We must also reject local, state, or national policy that tries to restrict someone else. If someone is saying "we need a law to…," it is probably a restriction. Fight against it.
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