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Mittmentum Builds

amackley Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 10:43 AM
In the Ohio convention last night, Romney also promised to go through every Executive Order that Obama has issued. In other speeches he said he would do the same for every department. His yardstick, he said, will be to ask, "Is this program important enough to borrow from China?" This is exactly what he did in MA. As he said last night. I did it before. That is what I will do. Like Ryan said last night. "We know how to solve this problem. We WILL solve this problem." Because of the "Quantitative Easing" that the Fed has done over the past four years, this country still has some major economic turmoil to go through. But, on Wednesday morning, after Romney is elected, I'll bet we immediately see the business world begin to hire again.
Yes, there is a time and a place for dissenting ideas and voices. What if I went to a concert in Carnegie Hall and stood up in the middle of the Tenor solo and started yelling. "Hey, I want more rock music! Why don't you let Led Zepplin play here?" There are times for voicing opinions. In the middle of someone else's speech or performance is not one of those times. Sure, go outside. Hold your signs. Hold your peaceful rallies. I'll support you (and probably walk past you). Write your letters to Congress. Voice your opinion about climate change. But be respectful. Can you loonies do that?
This infographic begins with an incorrect premise. Early on it begins "And given that neither is an avid shooter.…" The 2nd amendment is not about shooting or hunting. It is about protection and defense. We have a right to defend ourselves (individually) and to defend our country from tyranny collectively. I am an avid Romney supporter, but I'm not certain Romney sees this discrepancy. His rhetoric does not indicate a belief in the core purpose of the 2nd amendment. I'm not a raving gun slinger. I hadn't even shot my own gun for about 30 years. Recently, my boy wanted to start learning so I've pulled them out. But I don't keep a gun or guns for hunting. I keep them because of the 2nd amendment. Maybe I'll also go hunting.
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Rove: Romney's Going to Win

amackley Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 2:24 PM
This is a good point. Romney's Likeability (a positive motivator for voters) is higher than Obama's by about 2 points. But that indicates whether someone is motivated to vote FOR a candidate. However a Dislikeablity (a negative motivator) would indicate someone who would be motivated to get out and vote for the competitor. Even more important, when someone votes against a candidate, they are actually moving the vote count by two. Simply not voting shifts the balance by 1. Voting against a candidate shifts the balance by 2. In a 47 to 48 race, not voting would tie the race. (47 to 47). Voting against would cause the competitor to win (48 to 47). Many 2008 Obama voters are voting against Obama, each shifting the balance by 2.
Yeah, like Obamacare Regulation (by working around Congress) Fast and Furious Libya Oh, yeah. He watched the Marines take out Bin Laden "because no other president would." Appointed Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Bill Clinton only wants Obama to win so that it will be an open Dem/Repub in four years. If Romney wins, Hillary will have to run against an incumbent. If Obama wins, Hillary has equal chance against an unknown Repub. Bill despises Obama, but he wants to be in the White House again.
There will never be swings to Obama…only away. In 2008, Obama rode on hope and change. Now is record flies in the face of his promises. So, Obama's peak numbers were in 2008. He's won no new supporters. The question is how many will remain O supporters, how many will not vote (net +1 for Romney) or swing to Romney (net +2 for Romney). This brings to mind the comment from one woman who had been deciding between voting for Obama or dropping out. Last night she decided to vote Romney. It is hoped that many more make that shift.
Foreign policy will be the topic of the last debate. I'm certain that Romney will clearly lay out the timeline of the Libya debacle. They only had a few moments on Libya, but Romney will clearly layout the unraveling Middle East in the final debate. Romney brought up Fast and Furious as well. In the last debate, I'm certain he will pound Obama. Rift between US and Israel. Ties with Chavez. UN Speech(es). Foreign Policy is Obama's worst (if that's even possible) record.
And did any other businesses have the ability to negotiate to receive the same grants? As for DeKalb residents, how much revenue do you think Steel Dynamics brought into their community? How many jobs were produced in DeKalb County? How much taxes do you think those employees paid? And for how long will that business be in DeKalb County? nodeamass, you have no idea how the economy works, how business and working people spread the wealth by earning, paying taxes, buying cars, tv sets, food, and every other daily necessity. How each of those employed people add to the donations in churches and other civic groups. Find one person working in DeKalb County Indiana who is complaining about having a Steel Dynamics successful business around.
@nodeamass. Yes it does. Have you ever tried to run a company, even a small one? When you have cash flow (investment) and if you use it wisely, you can hire. Look at all of the jobs created by Romney (Bain Capital) investments. How many jobs are still available to the Obama selected companies? zero? On this issue, you are simply a leftist idealogically blinded fool. ANY reasonable individual who actually has the ability to look at the equation will recognize the difference. That is why people will call you stupid. Because you don't have the ability or are idealogically unwilling to look at real data and make an intelligent response. Therefore, nodeamass, you are stupid.
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