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How Liberals Argue: Hamas Has a Right to Exist

amackent Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 5:55 PM
Bah. 1st, according to our constitution, individuals have rights, not groups except as far as individuals have a right to organize. Of course this is meaningless here. Since Hamas supports lobbing missiles into Israel, Israel has a right to defend itself and if it so chooses, it may go to war against them. In this case, rights really don't matter. Forced into war, they should fight to win an incontrovertible victory and ideally eliminate or completely decimate their opponent. Minimally, they should continue pounding them until they receive an unconditional surrender. Unfortunately, this requires leaving in place some semblance of leadership structure in Gaza to surrender.

Last night on Hannity, I debated President of the America Together Foundation Michael Ghouse on the crisis between Israel and Hamas. At one point in the segment, Ghouse argued Hamas, a terrorist organization, has a right to exist.

Today, Israel dropped a message in Gaza warning civilians about an imminent strike and urged them to temporarily evacuate their homes.

To the residents of Sheikh Ijleen, Tal al Hawa, Remal al-Janoub, Zeitoun neighbourhood, Shoujaiyat al-Tourkman, Shoujaiyat al-Jadida:

The Israeli military is not targeting...

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