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Brilliant! Nothing to add. Keep it up Ann :)
If the Republican vote to fund any part of Obama's illegal actions there will be a blood bath in 2016.
How about you just put your fiscal house in order and let middle class families take care of themselves?
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Don’t Run, Mitt. Don’t Run

amackent Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 12:42 PM
Exactly my perspective. Romney would have been much better than Obama, but he doesn't really believe in free market principles. He's a genuinely nice man, but we need a leader who gets it and who can sell it.
It's close to time for me to bail on townhall. If they won't filter the spam on the message boards, I think I'm going to have to stop wasting my time here.
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Obama Targets Americans At The Pump

amackent Wrote: Jan 24, 2015 9:34 PM
Any combination of Cruz, Jindal, Walker, Carson or Palin (in that order) would fire me up. Any combination including Romney, Jeb, Christie, or Huckabee would demoralize me. On the other hand, Palin is good at what she's been doing and generally poison in a general election. It's been 8 years so she'd have a 2nd chance, but very little rope.
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From Multiplier to Domino

amackent Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 10:56 AM
What's your point? Capitalism too rough for you?
With oil prices down, now's the time to put a cap on the prices. 1. Pass and build the Keystone XL pipeline. Encourage the construction of as many others as are needed to allow oil and natural gas to flow freely around the country. 2. DO NOT allow for the export of oil. Our natural resources should be refined and used here. 3. On top of #2, encourage the construction of refineries and energy processing facilities around the US. 4. Finally, ease permitting for oil and gas exploration on public lands and offshore. It doesn't need to be started immediately, but sell the rights and get people lined up to do as soon as prices start rising again. That way we'll be set up to increase production, as soon as it's economically possible and we don't have to suffer through $10 more years of high oil prices before our readily available supplies become available. Oil prices will eventually rise, but adding some flexibility into our processing and distribution infrastructure as well as allowing for the increased exploration of our own oil will effectively cap oil prices far below the average prices of the last few years. This will boost the worldwide economy benefiting us the most and neutering most of the worst actors on the world stage (Middle East, Mexico, Russia, Venezuela, etc.).
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The Ring Makes All the Difference

amackent Wrote: Jan 06, 2015 11:01 AM
It's about committing everything to the other person and becoming one. When you marry, separate checking accounts should go. If you're not willing to commit you shouldn't get married or live together. For better or worse till death do us part.
I can't believe dufus criticizes the Ernst ad. It was great. It put her on the map. It sent exactly the right message and people loved it. It might not connect with an east coast DC hack, but that's the point.
Saw it. Regret it.
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