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Agreed. Cruz fights for what he believes in. Walker does too, but he also believes in Amensty. I also like Jindal, but my concern is his lack of popularity in his home state.
I don't. I love Dr. Carson, but he hasn't the experience to do the job. It shows in his writing. He generally takes the right positions, but the reasoning doesn't seem extremely deep. I'd love to see him run for Governor somewhere.
Walker I could live with. The others only degrade the ticket. Cruz on any ticket would inspire me as either the 1st or 2nd name. That would set him up for 2024. Any of the other in 2024 would be disheartening and a loss.
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The Case For Killing The Filibuster

amackent Wrote: Feb 14, 2015 7:41 AM
Wasn't reconciliation used to pass Obamascare? Fair is fair. Move it like that on a simple majority. Obama will then veto it. Then what? I'd say leave it shuttered till 2017.
Good for him. Stewart took an irreverent look at news and has a huge following. I don't agree with his political perspective, but you have to respect what he did for the show and the network. Now's the time to Fox or some other enterprising network to turn the tables. I have to figure someone with a conservative bent could find ample material for a comedy based on current events. What happened the one time Obama told the truth? We'll never know.
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amackent Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 2:08 PM
"At least tapeworms and ticks don't expect us to clap." I laughed out loud. Thanks John!
The headline starts with 'Conservatives' and then you have a picture of Huckabee. Sorry. You lost me.
I've flown all over the country and in fact, it does not exist. Some are greener, browner or whiter than others, but none are red or blue.
"Republicans need to force colleges to issue reports, just like drug companies, attesting to the average cost, and the average salary, for every degree. It will cost you $160,000 to receive a degree in Spanish literature and will take you 88 years to pay that back." They should also publish the default rate on student loans for all students who've attended the program whether they graduate or not. Finally, this information should be used when offering Pell Grants and Stafford Loans. It makes no sense to subsidize the bottom quartile of programs. Beyond that there should be some kind of sliding scale where students in programs with poor payback rates pay higher interest and have smaller grants and lower caps on loans. As you said, do all reporting by degree so students can see the results of their choices.
Brilliant! Nothing to add. Keep it up Ann :)
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