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Long-Term Unemployment is Key to Puzzle

amackent Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 11:58 AM
So what? Do we need to give more money to higher ed? The long term unemployed are such because we let them grow stale on unemployment for 2+ years. Now their skills are dated and going to work would require a little more effort than they're willing to expend. Like most liberal feel good programs, extended unemployment is not the benefit it is intended to be.
I'll admit that I didn't think I'd learn anything from the headline coming in, but breaking down the numbers like this was enlightening. At this point, who knows? I think the biggest questions are who our presidential nominee is and how strongly do they run?
Option B seems reasonable enough as long as they respect the sequestration caps (although they have already been loosened). At that point, they can shut DHS down. It really doesn't matter if it's self-funding. Even if they collect fees, they don't get to spend them unless authorized and if they haven't a funding bill, they can't. Then they just have to negotiate a funding bill with Obama that undoes the executive actions and goes further to ensure more aggressive enforcement. He can whine all he likes, but eventually, he'll have to sit down and negotiate. Getting him to do so will be a big win at any rate. If he won't, then DHS can be mothballed for a good long time and few will care.
How could the National Guard not show up till hours after the rioting was over??? They were mobilized many days ago. Where were they?
Require E-verify and severely punish employers of illegal aliens. Eliminate public school education for illegal immigrants and access to food stamps and all other welfare. Border enforcement should also be improved, but remove the incentives and there won't be the flood looking for welfare and illegal jobs that we now face.
There are no jobs Americans won't do. Only jobs that don't pay enough to interest citizens.
You can't deport a citizen. That's what prison or other punishments are for.
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How To Stop Being Poor

amackent Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 10:34 AM
I'd like to flag this as offensive because it quite truly is. Money doesn't care about the color of your skin. I don't give a rat's a$$ about the color of skin. All I care is if you can do the job. Can you code creatively and reliably? Are you diligent? Then you're worth big bucks. Are you entitled, unreliable, and careless? Then you're worth less than nothing (to a business). Are you diligent and efficient? Do you have any skills? Then you minimally go on my contact list for future opportunities. I was in the same position as John. My parents gave me nothing other than discipline and a good family to fall back on. I enlisted, got out of active duty, got married, enrolled in the National Guard, went to college, worked hard, got laid off, changed careers, worked hard some more, raised a family, bought rental properties when we could, and could now retire in my 40's, but still work hard and am trying to start a business. This is a great country and free markets work. Racism is so minuscule it now can only be used as an excuse. Sure I'm white, but my wife's a minority so don't bother giving me more excuses.
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