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Esther: I absolutely agree. In addition, Cheney's rush to Iraq messed up our chances to do good work in Afghanistan. Saddam, jerk that he was, was a strong man that kept stability in an artificially constructed nation otherwise ready to go to war with itself. We are paying the dues now for his and Rumsfeld's and Paul Bremer's misjudgments. I am disgusted listening to him speak on this subject. We wouldn't be talking to Iran about it if he hadn't messed up. I only wish people like Ron Paul had louder voices back then.
Big deal. This is small change. Boehner get 89% of his contributions from out of state. McConnell 81% Cantor got and Al Franken gets 79% Ryan 83% They are more interested in getting re-elected than in representing their constituents.
Romney wants to stay? How many of his kids would go? How many have served? Let me answer that: 0. He's another sleazy politician trying to use other peoples' principles to his own gain.
So, let's ally ourselves with Iran to save the Shia government? Even if he's a liberal troll, he's right that it's a mess there. The only thing that made it less messy was a hard*ss brutalizing dictator.
So McConnell spent all that money anyway. It just shows how he is OWNED by people who will give money just to create political debts, even when the money isn't needed. He's a hack. And he's paid to screw the middle class.
No surprise. It's not the feds who would lose their jobs. The main thing the federal government does is spend money. It's the contractors, cities, and states -- the places where people do real work -- where the jobs would be lost. Like in this article about job loss when the sequester hit.
If Clive doesn't own the land, and the Feds don't either, who should he pay for his cattle grazing on it? He's using somebody's land. He probably should pay them, don't you think?
I thought she was an academic. I don't think she was ever a diplomat before becoming Secretary of State. Before Bush 43, her government jobs were on the National Security Council and as a Special Asst. to the Joint Chiefs. I'm not trying to put down her wildly impressive accomplishments. I just think the record of them should be accurate.
She should stand up and face them. Show them what real dignity looks like.
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What to Cut From America's Budget

Always Learning Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 4:17 AM
You've hit on why politicians want to cut social security (even though they are afraid to). They are looking for ways not to have to repay the debt they owe it.
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