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Oh boy. Another symbolic act. That's why we pay trillions to our government. Symbolism. When will all these guys actually start governing?
Do you want us to seal tourists on the other side of the border? That's who likely brought the measles germs that started this debate.
Just about all politicians are vote panderers. Look at Christie: He locks up someone who was tested and shown not to have a disease but he won't stand up to people who are willing to spread them. Rand Paul is a DOCTOR and he says that vaccination shouldn't be required, that he heard about it spreading autism. Does he read the news? Does he know that the autism findings were fraudulent? They all care more about their careers than they do the people they represent. What a bunch of losers.
Book 'em all, I say. And both parties get it. Here are some recent D governors to earn convictions: 2012. Roger Wilson, governor of MS: Money Laundering 2010. Mike Easly, governor of NC: Campaign violations 2009 (feels like yesterday). Rod Blagojevich, governor of IL. Impeached and convicted of 18 federal charges. 2000. Edwin Edwards, governor of LA. Extortion, mail fraud, money laundering.
There are SO many things to be P.O.'d about. But, about this one thing, Obama is right. The second we left, this was going to happen. Iraq is a fake country. Without a thug running it with a brutal military, it was destined to fall apart.
Hopefully there can be something approaching peace when the partition finally comes. I don't know why we have to pretend that's not the final result and, instead, go through all of this BS.
Henry: No matter how bad a job Obama did, this was going to happen as soon as we left. Iraq is a fake country. The only thing that holds it together is a bullying hard*ss.
He should tell Maliki to handle it. We spent $2 trillion there while people lost their jobs and houses here. At least $20 billion was spent on an army that won't hold its ground against a much smaller force. Obama may have blown it. But, doing more is flushing money and lives down the toilet. I can't see how 300 advisors does anything other than tell the Iraqi gov't to grow up and govern.
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