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The Judge is probably cheating on his wife and the Obama Administration got some dirt on him. That's the only logical explanation.
Of course it did...how do you think Obama won in '12?
Make sure when you vote you make sure that your vote is cast right...they Dems are planning on CHEATING!!!!!!!!
Well, then she should also tell them that it was DEMOCRATS who were doing the LYNCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After the Dems, how could anyone vote for them...anyone can see that these people are not Capitalist, they are socialist.
When will you all get a GRIP??? This guy is EVIL and he's doing this on purpose. He HATES this country and he's using the excuses you all give (He's in over his head) to continue to do what he's doing. It is unexplainable for this man to send the National (NATIONAL) guard to Africa but not put them on the border. He's making a FOOL out of this county and laughing himself stupid in the process!!!!!
The CDC and the BOTUS has something in common: BLAME, BLAME, BLAME.
It's news to low information voters.
These people (Democrats) are EVIL!!!!!!!!!! Why people, rational people see that is what's so unbelievable. No Christian should vote for a group of people whose method of achieving and staying in power is to divide…
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Russia To Ukraine: We're Back!

Alvin24 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 12:03 PM
Ha...I like that word. LOL
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