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It was enacted in 1918 way before FDR ......hate to be you
Repugs were all about and pushed for Prohibition in the 20's ...The rich GOP still got their nice booze but the "under class" and immigrants were the targets and coul'nt get a freakin beer . Then when they figured they could tax it, they let it be overturned in 1933 That's why I hate you incredible hypocritical crackers. NOW you think it maybe Ok to legalize it and TAX TAX in the name of God .. .......hate to be you.
No lover of Obama here but I really do not see why you care a whit about "W"
Well Ok, the bubble is too thick in here but you lost the ELECTION TWICE so who is really cry'n now?
I'm living a great and wonderful life w/o CHRISTIAN GUILT ....sheeple that can not think for themselves bind together and BELIEVE ....in fairy tales
This is EXACTLY how LAME the GOP is...........You actually wanted this imbecile for PRESIDENT He probably puts his "Depends" on wrong side-out. ..............Oh but you had Moosilini as yer back up.........smart.
You are making too much sense for the low brows to comprehend
Rich guy paid no taxes
Indeed, during Bush's two terms as governor of Texas, the state executed at least two inmates whose very low I.Q. scores defined them as retarded. A leading defense lawyer in Texas said Bush does not understand the law. "I think he's just sort of confused," said Jim Marcus, executive director of the Texas Defender Service, a nonprofit group that handles capital cases. "A lot of people confuse the question of whether we should execute the mentally retarded with the question of whether we should execute people who aren't competent to stand trial. That's seems to be what he's doing here." Another Texas inmate who is retarded, Johnny Paul Penry, was spared by the U.S. Supreme Court in November just hours before his planned execution.
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