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Huh!, CNNNBCCBSABC has a story on Benghazi. Looks like some reporters made it past the censors.
Thank you Special guys are awesome. You know this administration is scrambling for good news when they refocus on capturing someone for Benghazi. I'm sure the sagging poll numbers have nothing to do with it.
This now makes automation look so much more affordable than originally tabulated.
It will be a temporary big win for employees and a temporary big loss for business. As usual, this will just lift the bottom line a little higher in their town. Businesses will necessarily be forced to raise their prices in order to stay afloat. Soon enough it will all level out again and 15.00 will only be the new 7.25.
Meetings are great to make sure everyone is on the same page and telling the same lies.
"and avoiding unilateral overreach". Seriously folks, this is NOT the guy you want talking about avoiding unilateral overreach.
If the answers are not loaded into his teleprompter, he has no response.
Why not the Special Committee? Will he be too busy skrewing something else up that day?
Oh, well. Since THEY said it..........
Whatever sells tickets, I guess....
Either Rocky needs to retire or lay off the pot.
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