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Sanctions from Obumler. Ha. Just another pile of paper stacked next to the toilet for use after a big supper.
Very easy for rich elitists to poke fun at the minimum wage. Hey Ms. dumBell, how many workers do you employ that make a "living wage"?..... Thought so.
See, this is what your parents were telling you when you were a child. If you tell the truth, it is easier to remember. Obama tells so many lies, he had to tell this one to cover up the other he forgot he said.
The difference being, you will be thrown in jail and an IRS agent will be simply forced to retire early with pay.
Amen brother! With you all the way on that one.
On face value, I can't say I would object to him being appointed VA secretary. It's just that at this point, I am suspicious of any move Obumbler makes.
Calm down everyone. It is only NBC and it was only Chucky Po.
What is sad is that no one at the IRS pays the price. The 50k will be tax payer money, and quite frankly, if no one individual at the IRS pays, who will care? Not the IRS. This will not deter future leaks.
Maybe they should take a hint from our first lady, #bringbackourKhatallah
Huh!, CNNNBCCBSABC has a story on Benghazi. Looks like some reporters made it past the censors.
Thank you Special guys are awesome. You know this administration is scrambling for good news when they refocus on capturing someone for Benghazi. I'm sure the sagging poll numbers have nothing to do with it.
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