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Wow, WH really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one.
Another low information twidiot.
Yes. You should be more concerned with growing the gov't. Do not support your neighbor who may be the local cable guy, work for a cell phone company or shop at the business where you work (thus supporting YOUR job). Send it to the gov't, they'll know what to do with it. (SARC)
Oops...25,800,000...with all those zeroes, I lost count.
So, to get this straight, this whole thing was rammed down our throat based on the premise that upwards of 30,000,000 people are without heathcare. If this was so damm important, where are the other 25,8000,000 enrollee's????
If guns are a healthcare issue, then everything else is too. Cars, cell phones, kitchen knives, campfire, cold weather, walking, running, dinner plates, long hair, short hair, sunny days, rainy days, on and on.....
To mimic NanPo, "You have to actually have the surgery to find out if it is covered."
Experience? Why this is the new and improved US foreign policy isn't it? The Pres has no experience and is failing miserably at both domestic AND foreign policy. Why should Obama donors, eh, I mean diplomats be any different?
"potential for a damaging racial gaffe" While her comments were extremely stereotypical and insulting (i.e. without women, who will prepare my dinner or wash my dishes?), it is not racial. Canadian, Mexican, German, Chinese, etc... are not races, they are nationalities.
I need to find out if any of these type ads will be aired in La. against Landrieu. I will contribute to the legal max.
Must have been given a tour of the old Kory Booker Memorial Toolshed.
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