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I think its called Demnesia. That is the condition where a democrat forgets he once belonged to another party and actually stood for something else. Also commonly referred to as a "LIE" or "Revisionist History".
Bet it doesn't take 30 days for him to schedule a golf trip though.
well, maybe not the blind democrat chipmunks.......
I seem to recall some snickers of condescension from dems at comments pointing out the possibility that your health care will be tied to your tax return. Well, here it is. Hope you aren't one of these poor saps that basically plan on a tax return.
Not at all. This way it is a "work" day and won't count as a vacation day.
"both peaceful protestors and police alike need to begin respecting one another" I guess first, you have to go out and find the "peaceful" protestors.
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Obama’s Bush Complex

Alternet09 Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 11:18 AM
Perhaps she can ponder the plight of the middle class while vacationing in the Hamptons for $100,000.00 for three weeks.
Mary is supported by the takers and low information voters in the state. They really don't care what she stands for as long as she doesn't stand in the way of their gov't assistance.
Paul, dude, just call Taxmasters.
Sanctions from Obumler. Ha. Just another pile of paper stacked next to the toilet for use after a big supper.
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