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The Times Picayune is also referred to as the Daily Asswipe.
I see Obola didn't waste any time getting back on the campaign trail after appointing this political hack to be the Obola stooge.
Gabby, I'm sure you are a fine lady and I am aware of your injuries during the tragic attack and shooting at one of your campaign events. Just don't come to my state. We don't want nor need you here.
Strange she picked someone from New Orleans. You'd think she would have brought in a manager from somewhere closer to home....like DC.
Sadly, the man succumbed to the disease. Even more sad, the family will blame the hospital and diligently sue their rear, winning the Liability Lotto.
Even his picture smells fishy.
Cassidy just needs to change his name to I. M. Notmary and he can save a whole lot of money not campaigning. Heck, I'd pull that lever.
"It's just the way we roll"? Seriously Mary?
She is so desperate, it's funny she wasn't hand standing herself...
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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

Alternet09 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 12:16 PM
Fast and Furious docs delay was refused. Coincidence?
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