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As far as Obama is concerned, this was just another case of workplace violence.
Pee Wee Herman pretending to be FDR.
Pee Wee Herman trying to play the part of FDR
He wasn't paid to look back.
Should be an easy one for Bill Cassidy. He doesn't even need to put his face on any campaign ads. Just a simple 2 second commercial...Vote for me, I"M NOT MARY. Heck, maybe me and my dead mother will vote twice for him.
Sqaw heepum mad. Obama speaked with forked tongue. Start beating war drums and send smoke signals.
Next time she should use a bucket of gasoline. I'm sure there are enough people with matches and lighters around to help her with the happy ending.
Let me be clear. I want to clarify the clarification I gave yesterday to clear up any misunderstanding on your part of what I clearly said.
I think its called Demnesia. That is the condition where a democrat forgets he once belonged to another party and actually stood for something else. Also commonly referred to as a "LIE" or "Revisionist History".
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