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Islamic Exceptionalism

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 10:51 AM
My paranoid take is that the video was made and distributed by some Islamic group as an excuse to make some trouble. Besides, they shouldn't be so sensitive. Apparently these Arab countries put out the most disgusting anti Christian and anti Semitic material. We don't go around burning down their embassies. Unfortunately when a religion claims to believe in the only correct God by definition everybody else has the wrong God and deserves to be punished. That;s the problem. The Romans and the Greeks had lots of gods. less reason to go around burning and pillaging.
The "enlightened" who claim a firm grip on the steering wheel of Western civilization see the future through a lens in which man becomes ever more perfectible as outdated religious creeds fade away. And thus the irony. For all the contempt these cosmopolitans show for religion, there is one faith beyond public rebuke. Call it Islamic exceptionalism.

Public Enemy No. 1 right now is the man who made a ridiculously shoddy YouTube video titled "The Innocence of Muslims." This man and his so-called "film" have been blamed with a very broad brush for every riot and protest across the Mideast.