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The problem is that with all this electronic stuff there is no privacy and there are no secrets. Anybody anywhere can read your email, listen to your conversations, monitor anything you do from your government, another government, a company, your grocery, a nosy neighbor or some clever Bangladeshi teenager (no insult intended).Governents also spy on each other. We don't know if Snowden is telling the truth because there's no way to check because the NSA says that's secret. Did someone put him up to it? Could the official brouhaha be another deception? Now that the bad people are tipped off they will revert to old fashioned US mail and clever codes and pigeons. NSA mayl find your lost car or your Alzheimer's grandmother who has gone wondering off, assuming their system really works. Last rant. I'm a scientist. My labs are full of old slotted paper, wire, tapes and disks, all out of date and unreadable. Do we really believe. US gov will dutifully update their storage technology? Don't count on it.
Government has been doing this for years.
Everybody who dies or suffers injuries in the service of our country deserves respect and urgency of the House Republicans including our ambassador and staff at Benghazi. What abiut the others? They don't count?
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: May 01, 2013 10:34 AM
I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken. Oliver Cromwell
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Interrogation Delayed

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 11:42 AM
. The devices are the simplest kinds of bombs with easy to follow instructions well described online. Further a properly trained terrorist would have left the two bombs near each other but timed just a few minutes apart, thus also targeting the first responders. A couple of pros would have disguised themselves and no gone around robbing seven/Eleven. Looks like amateurs to me. Maybe with outside help.
Nobody needs an automatic weapon with a high capacity magazine. These are used either not at all or to commit murder.. Yet bad and crazy people will always be able to get hold of a gun but with careful careful practical regulation it will be harder. Some people have to skills to build a gun in their basement workshop. Not that many. Not the same people who like to kill. As for defending yourself, usually it takes too long to find the gun. I. at least am slow to react in emergency situations. At one time the NRA was all for proper training, even some kind of liability insurance. NRA should get real
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Mandated Wages and Discrimination

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 12:15 PM
The money the wealthy hoard is spent on stocks and bonds thus inflating their prices. Since it isn't cycled through the economy, the economy will continue to decline. If the wealthy put heir money into infrastructure, public education, research and (yes) food subsidies for the poor the country would prosper. Whoever heard of a hedge fund manager who replaced a crumbling public school? Taxes revenues pay for the other stuff. The taxes the rich would have to pay to make all these things work get cycled into the economy and are spent in the private sector on food and housing and medical care at businesses controlled and owned by the very people who don't want to pay taxes. The return on their extra taxes would be increased wealth,
Sorry to disagree American Colleges and universities are the envy of the rest of the world. That's why we get so many students from abroad despite the high fees.
The people who want to do us in including Al Quaeda, nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran, cyber terrorists in China and elsewhere - they should all relax and save their money. We have our very own Fifth Column who is doing their work for them. The very people from the science and mathematics group responsible for solid state physics, DNA, nuclear reactor and even discovering global warming - they learned to think at these "liberal arts" colleges you don't like.. Sure they "teach" silly courses on "women's rights in southern Nigeria". These sorts of courses are invented for football players who need automatic A without doing the work. Remember they also teach math, Shakespeare, German and how to write for a newspaper.
Kids playing with guns? A plot to reduce the number of Christians. Take care as they gun eathother down.Be careful about claims regarding the Founding Fathers religion. Recall that Jefferson crossed out the word God wherever it appeared in his bible. You hay have a point but get your facts straight first,
How about a maximum wage? Eliminates greed. Employers will not pay more than the maximum. Put the balance into investments. Expand the business. No more need for loopholes and special deals.
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