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Yes, troubling but you may remember that not long ago senior officers were bullying cadets to attend particular churches. Not surprising that they now bend over to keep out religion altogether.
Yes Benghazi was an is a tragedy. Every day Americans are killed defending our country. We are all very sorry. Soon forgotten, except for Benghazi. Interesting.
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War, War, What is it Good For?

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: Sep 06, 2013 10:44 AM
Absolutely. Stay out of Syria. Nothing to be gained. Just kill a few more civilians. Assad is already accomplishing that without our help. We don't know who the good guys are if there are any. Better let hem fight it out The end.
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Revolting Bankers of Obama

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: Jul 24, 2013 10:25 AM
Bermanke is still there.
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This Year's Duke Lacrosse Case

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: Jul 15, 2013 11:34 AM
When listening to all the interpretations of the case one could justify almost any killing. Imagine some hit man claiming the the victim would have come after him at some other time. Let's learn a lesson.Leave policing to the real police. If we must have a neighborhood watch give them good cell phones not guns.
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Civil Libertarians' Hypocrisy

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: Jul 15, 2013 11:13 AM
On the one hand why should we be surprised? Nowadays nothing you do or say is private and just about anybody can, watch, listen and hack from the government, another one, a company or a clever teenager.There is no privacy and there aren't any secrets. We really don't know if Snowden is telling the truth or whether the government's reaction could be just another grand deception. Then, yes the system is claimed to have avoided a great deal of terrorism,. One of these days our government might go fascistic and then we are all in trouble. But then don't worry. NSA is a huge system. many people have access.. It's full of holes. Updating the technology of these huge data bases is complicated and expensive. Don't assume it will be done efficiently and on time. More likely Congress will forget to give them the money. Then the data disappears..
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Data Mining and Elections

AlsoSprachGideon Wrote: Jul 05, 2013 11:31 AM
It seems everybody is buying elections, the Koch brothers, unions. corporations, individuals and all political parties. Surely it's time to put an end on all of that. Limit donations and shorten campaigns.
If everybody has some kind of health insurance the costs should come down no matter who is paying for it because there will be less expensive care from emergency rooms and waiting too long to avert problems. What's more nowadays the uninsured with their expensive inefficient care are infecting the rest of us with their untreated diseases. It's worth something to avoid that.
I'm not unsympathetic. BUT if we don't clean up energy production and reduce carbon dioxide production there will be nothing to worry about because humanity will have suffocated. Cockroaches will take over. Personally, as a scientist I like he idea of clean energy and conservation. Make stuff that can be repaired instead of thrown away. Another possibility is to reduce world population to say 4 billiion. How? A pandemic. A big war. But then we would go back to a lower stable carbon dioxide.
The problem is that with all this electronic stuff there is no privacy and there are no secrets. Anybody anywhere can read your email, listen to your conversations, monitor anything you do from your government, another government, a company, your grocery, a nosy neighbor or some clever Bangladeshi teenager (no insult intended).Governents also spy on each other. We don't know if Snowden is telling the truth because there's no way to check because the NSA says that's secret. Did someone put him up to it? Could the official brouhaha be another deception? Now that the bad people are tipped off they will revert to old fashioned US mail and clever codes and pigeons. NSA mayl find your lost car or your Alzheimer's grandmother who has gone wondering off, assuming their system really works. Last rant. I'm a scientist. My labs are full of old slotted paper, wire, tapes and disks, all out of date and unreadable. Do we really believe. US gov will dutifully update their storage technology? Don't count on it.
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