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[ever read] Some twit will attack my typo no doubt.
Yeah! and that is why Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan are such wonderful places, and those Atheistic regimes like Sweden and Denmark are so horrendous.
It's time for idiots who don't know what secular means to look it up and make an effort to understand it, and realise that it doesn't mean atheist.
No it's between your ears of conservative and the religious in their bleating about being so hard done by in a country where they have almost all the power and influence. Babies.
Stupidest article I've read in a long time.
Ridiculous beliefs and should be ridiculed, if for nothing else than to force the people to think about those beliefs and how they can defend them intellectually as part of a constructive discourse, whether they are religious or not. Violence shouldn't be tolerated, but the idea of "tolerating" others' unprovable, unevidenced, and often on their face ridiculous religious beliefs is really only a cover for saying "I believe something dumb, so I wont call you out on the dumb stuff you believe, so that people wont call me out on my dumb stuff". That kind of "tolerance" is pretty dumb and just gives people a get out of jail card for remaining ignorant and irrational.
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