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Video: Every Senate Budget Committee Democrat Votes 'No' on Balancing the Budget

alphonsejones Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 2:33 PM
unamerican oddball but your messiah told us a couple of times he would focus on the economy like a laser but like all his other lies, the economy was never important to him so remind us again imbecile, what does America have to show for the $6 trillion your messiah added to the national debt other then $6 trillion in additional debt, meanwhile there are 8.5 million fewer workers in the job force today then the day he took his 1st oath of office h and we continue to learn that husseincare is a disaster waiting to happen. But then you of course have a ready excuse as to how those 30,000 pages of regs will make hussein care work and how the cbo's estimate that husseincare will add another $6 trillion to the natl debt

Their own plan doesn't even come close to balancing, of course, and they're not interested in other ideas to get there.  The first Republican amendment they torpedoed yesterday called for increasing federal spending at a clip of "only" 3.4 percent per year over the next decade, rather than the major acceleration that Democrats have advanced.  The second proposed making it more procedurally difficult to pass a budget that does not balance with ten years.  Watch as each Democrat-aligned committee member votes in lockstep against these provisions.  Make no mistake, they are explicitly rejecting a balanced federal budget (the...