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Shocker: Democrats Reject Yet Another 'Cliff' Plan They Once Supported

alphonsejones Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 11:39 AM
we are told that the 10 richest states in America are solidly blue and voted in great numbers for their messiah who will lead them to the socialist nirvana they believe in and we have also learned that the richest counties in America are also haven's for socialist thinking so none of these people should object to paying the higher taxes that will come because of the higher out of control spending that their messiah has promised as he is too stupid to understand hasn't worked if govt spending fixed the economy, the trillions wasted would result in a redhot economy with economic growth and low unemployment but it seems that we are learning that this wishful thinking done by those who are still waiting for hopey/change to start

This could make for one hell of a drinking game.  Step one: Republicans propose an idea that high-ranking Democrats have explicitly supported in the very recent past.  Step two: Democrats unceremoniously dump all over the idea, calling it "unacceptable," "dead on arrival," or whatever the dismissive pejorative of the day may be.  Step three: Drink (and I've got just the beverage in mind for this occasion).  The trouble is that by this stage in our interminable cliff charade, everyone involved would be too wasted to negotiate any further -- which actually might not be the worst thing in...