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Obama in Israel: Israel Unfair To Palestinians

alphonsejones Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 7:12 PM
in messiah husein's feeble mind the palistinean's are always the victims and no level of terrorism from the muzzies ever matters to loser's like the hussein and while the Israeli's would happily live in peace, the muzzie's will never allow that and they will continue to use their palistinean puppets to kill and main Israeli's send the palistinean's back to their own country of origin which is Jordan oh wait that can't happen since the Jordanian's already kicked them out for trying to overthrow their govt guess messiah hussein will go home, telling hisself he gave the Israeli's their orders and when they don't comply, messiah hussein can blame them for any future violence on the part of the palistinean's

Palestinians commit daily acts of terror on you Israelis but...

NOTE: Palestinian rockets began raining down on Israel just minutes after Obama concluded this speech.