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Hard Truths Coming

alphonsejones Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 7:42 AM
we continue to observe how the cultist's that worship the hussein still believe the fantasy that taking away citizens rights are going to make a better America. These losers who attack the second amendment while ignoring the thugs and gangs that are committing most of the violence across America always ignore the fact that the largest gun free zone in America is also the gun murder capitol of America where hundreds of gangs terrorize neighborhoods. and it's these same cultist imbeciles that want an end to the 22nd amendment so that their lord and savior, messiah hussein can become dictator for life. It doesn't matter that he has made every economic indicator in America worse, he has promised them a socialist nirvana
Simplecaveman Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 7:54 AM
Higher unemployment, higher energy prices, higher gas prices, higher poverty, bigger government, more spending, more regulations, higher taxes, higher debt, and less personal income. So far, Barry's doing everything he said, and to liberals, this is a much better place.

Go figure.
denhir Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 8:13 AM
We don't need to pander to the invading-hordes of legal-and-illegal-alien, Invaders-$cl-$vcs-Amnesty !

Lower the Legal-quotas Now !

pro-USA-pro-USC, Tea-Party-Cons-Reps must work together to bring the Independent and women citizens-voters back to our side as in Nov-2010, then We'll Win in 2013-14-16-beyond by Alot !

Aaron Klein radio show:

"Amnesty for illegal-aliens is the Democrats-DNC Covert-Hidden-Secret-Plan,

To get Hillary or any other popular Dem candidate elected POTUS Now-Nov-2016 !

Say No-! to any kind of anti-US-American-illegal-alien-amnesty !

Things are going to get interesting for the Democrats.  Above, speaking with Scott Rasmussen, Howard Dean committed candor, stating that:

“[S]omebody has to tell the middle class that either your taxes are going to go up or your programs are going to get cut or else we're going to go into financial oblivion, and nobody really wants to tell them that.”

In truth, Republicans have told them that, and Democrats (aside from Dean) are refusing to do the same.  Indeed, Senator Chuck Schumer has actually insisted that the sequester puts Democrats...