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but after reading your posts I am wondering why you are so afraid of the idea that your neighbors, have exercised their 2nd amendment rights seems you are more afraid of law abiding citizens, who are more concerned about being able to protect their families and themselves in the event one of your druggie pals invades their home
so tell us jojo the circus monkey exactly what is getting better when under your lord and savior, messiah hussein other then the only real growth is people collecting food stamps and welfare no doubt failure is another of those family traditions you have kept alive
but give wright credit he also dreams of puffing on the hussein
but unlike you I have no desire to put the hussein in my mouth
never forget the pendulum swings both ways and the excesses of the progs who worship messiah hussein and his assaults on the Constitution and our freedoms will only inspire concerned citizens to take these matters far more seriously the hussein has shown us, ignoring pols and assuming dc will act in our best interests is a myth that the hussein has killed
holdem is just another glaring example of the haters of America that the hussein has appointed to cabinet positions and advisers The progs worship the hussein but none of these losers have a clue as to how America would look if the hussein has his way and transforms America We may one day face civil disorder, but it will come from the losers and parasites that worship and adore the hussein and the day the govt sugar teat runs dry
Georgetwin with the black gorilla scandal at maryland jails does this mean that marxist omalley has an issue he can run on when he thinks he will be as successful in the primaries as ron paul he can claim that he enabled capitalism in the big house
given the option your contention is that people would rather live in the inner city of schitcago that reside in places like Scottsdale or Paradise Valley guess that explains why you claim you only use banking machines away from where you live, less one of your neighbors decide to hit you on the head and take away the $10 you just took out of your bank account
to the schitcago twit/tramp guess what loser, benefits vary by the state and no doubt you have discovered you collect more in the windy schitty then you would if you moved elsewhere you claim to love America, but believe earners should be paying higher taxes to make sure the parasites and assorted welfare losers can have more so make your case why failed lives should be rewarded and why earners are told they must do with less
so which part of Iraq/Afghanistan did the Boston bombers come from and what is their allegiance to that region of theowrld with it's murderers and assorted terroists
georgetwin according to twit twattingles, the high priestess of cult of death, claims we know she loves America the question is if she loves messiah hussein and his proposed transformation of America, why can't she make the case things in America are better after 4 years of hussein misrule
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