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bush may have been a decent person but starting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with no plan to end them was a major mistake and being fiscally inept and adding $4 trilluion to the national debt showed him as a President who had no concern for the budget or the taxpayers footing the bills. but compared to the hussein, Bush was refreshingly honest and genuine but most important, Bush believed in America, while the hussein only believes in the hussein
oh, the old if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it fall, did it really fall kinda like, since hussein progs never say anything truthful, have they ever really said anything
to the twit/tramp you claim your only pre-requisite for a bed partner is that they are brown skinned with an african't ancestry and that trolling bars is where you will find mr right now and continue to tell yourself that one opf these losers, living on welfare and food stamps is suddenly going to stay will you after they impregnate youi. ' Guess all those stories of ghetto losers, being baby daddy's who believe their imaginary manhood is enhanced with how many stupid women they can knock up but even these ghetto losers recognize you are a loser, simply because you don't have enough cash on hand to keep them in ribs, booze and drugs and they leave you, looking for another loser to take from
as if another ghetto loser sees you as anything but a free bed partner he can lay and leave
to the schitcago twit/tramp yet you claim people are not made to commit to long term relationships d as you have long posted your life is a total mess, binge drinking, smoking drug use, an inability to find work and a total failure at sustaining a relationship longer then something measured in days people who are losers like you are incapable of raising happy healthy babies since you brag your life revolves around momentary pleasures that involve drinking and bedding mr right now so exactly when are you going to learn parenting skills when you can't even get your own pathetic life in order
how can they be temporary when you have been posting about what a loser you are for the past 5-6 years temproary is something that may last a matter of weeks the reality you have long been and will continue to be a loser no one wants to be involved with
poor pathetic twit/tramp so tell us again twattingles, if you are such a winner, why are you living in a low rent ghetto neighborhood, have spent time in prison, has a family that has gotten a restraining order against you, can't find full time employment, can't find anything other then ghetto losers who bed you for a night or two, have an insatiable need to binge drink, habve bragged about your getting an abortion but still look in the mirror and tell yourself your daily lie that you are a winner and that people really like you guess Alice isn't the only person to go to wunderland only unlike alice, your life is a never ending nightmare, where the reality is you are a loser that hates the rest of the world
but the husein's pet monkey, holdem has told us citizenship for illegals is a civil right seems under the hussein's misguided rule as wannabe dictator, preferred legal staus in America comes if you have violated our laws to get here and have used fraud to get on the govt teat. But doesn't this fit in with their agenda. They already have millions of dollars locked away in offshore accounts so why would they care if the taxpayers are shouldering the burden for the illegal trash that continues to come, not for freedom or looking for work, but simply looking to live on the handout plantation. The hussein may well have found his army to destroy America and it is illegals helping to bankrupt what remains of our economy
in messiah hussein's empty head the only real enemies America faces are repubs/conservs who stand opposed to his agenda Had the Boston bombers turned out to be angry right wing Christians, for the hussein it would have been a wet dream come true and his flacks in the propaganda media would have been running stories 24/7 about why such an attack was in reality an attack on the hussein's vision for his transformation of America But the hussein has transformed America for now, since under his failed leadership, the economy continues to falter and more losers end up sucking the govt teat. Strange how the acolytes of the hussein believe a ruined America is better for everyone. But then that is the hussein's only real agenda
dumbrabbit if townhall makes you feel uncomfortable because of your ignorance simply go back to huffblow, it is infested with thousands of your mindless pals that worship and adore messiah hussein and like you hate America because it is not the socialist nirvana your lord and savior ,messiah hussein promised it would be
but after reading your posts I am wondering why you are so afraid of the idea that your neighbors, have exercised their 2nd amendment rights seems you are more afraid of law abiding citizens, who are more concerned about being able to protect their families and themselves in the event one of your druggie pals invades their home
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