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Blacks Should Embrace NRA Gun Proposal

alphonsejones Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 11:15 AM
DSMike as Dr Walter Williams has written among those living on welfare who lack the skills necessary to compete in the job market and with no history of a work ethic, by the time they have gotten up, gotten dressed and finished off their first cigarette, they have already used up all the energy they may have had for making decisions for the day. Getting started with your day and heading off to earn a paycheck is an activity that must be learned and unfortunately many have never mastered that skill

What is the essence of freedom? Property and a gun.

I never met my grandfather, but that's the lesson I took from his life. He was one generation out of slavery and bought property and guns.

It's so predictable that today's discussion on gun control is similar to the noise we hear from liberals every time there is a mass shooting. What is new this time is that the NRA, under the direction of Wayne LaPierre, David Keene and Asa Hutchinson, has put forth a concrete plan that most American parents should appreciate will keep children safer at school.