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Gun Sales Up

AlphaProtocol Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 11:13 AM
Valerie.. so much for intellect. A GAFFE is when sombody mistakingly says what "they really feel", instead of artfully dodging any secret agenda or philosophy. Look it up. So yes, it was a GAFFE.
Christie is a fat, lard-lipped, grotesque traitor... Alert PETA! Chrisite on the Jersey Shore = beached whale...
ObamaStupidObama Like that?
Unfortunately, the majority of voters are not engaged, and will never "learn" about the candidates from any other source than illegitimate media outlets. I think Mrs. Romney handled the witches that tried to put her feet to the fire with a great deal of class and intellect.
Obamacare should accomplish this without issue.
BHO hasn't done a thing for Black America... why would they care enough to anger over his inevitable defeat. Romney will create J-O-B-S (all 3 letters) and opportunity for EVERY American.
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