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What I Ask of Romney and Obama

alopekos teumesios Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 7:30 PM
"Where will our allies be when we need help?" What a curious concept. Let's look back at history to see how well this works. How many times in the past two hundred years have we switched allies? How many small regional conflicts grew into massive global wars due to entangling alliances? Every country has national interests. You either make bargains that result in win-win or you make war which typically results in lose-lose, with the exception of bankers, arms manufacturers and other assorted profiteers. You don't need to be trigger happy to show strength or have influence. Switzerland exercises disproportional influence despite being a small country that minds its own business.

The Republican Convention ended on the theme "Believe in America." That sounded nice, but it was just another platitude. Mitt Romney's speech was filled with platitudes: "We will honor America's democratic ideals. ... We're united to preserve liberty."


Liberals and conservatives have real differences. We should state them.

America is going broke, and tough decisions must be made. To save our future, we must slow the growth of entitlements and military spending. Mitt Romney was silent about that.

Sure, "Believing in America" means individuals get to decide how to run the businesses we create. But it...