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Operation QE-Screwed

alopekos teumesios Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 12:03 AM
If you must stay in the USA, I would add to Peter's list the modest purchase of rural farmland as a self sufficient retreat before the price is artificially inflated. Gold, silver and foreign equities will not put food on the table like 5 arable acres with a reliable water source. Land can generate goods with which to barter in an underground economy after a currency collapse.
The geniuses at the Federal Reserve have concocted a bold new plan to revive the U.S. economy -- print a bunch of money, loan it to Americans at super low interest rates so they can speculate on rising real estate prices, extract the appreciated equity and spend it on consumer goods.

In other words, build an economy of real estate, by real estate, and for real estate. The only problem is we've been there and done that. The last time it almost destroyed the U.S. economy. I guess almost isn't quite good enough for the Fed, so now it's determined to finish...